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Tim Lee is an author, producer, preacher, and teacher dedicated to building the next generation of youth. A licensed minister with 20 years of experience, he holds a BA in English from Hampton University in Hampton, VA, an MDiv degree from the Samuel DeWitt School of Theology at Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA, and improv/acting certifications from Second City Training Center in Chicago, IL. 

Tim Lee is the Minister of Children and Youth at the historic Providence Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina where Rev. Dr. Darryl W. Aaron is the senior pastor. He is intentional about developing content for children and youth and produces digital content for children and youth.

With his creative gifts and commitment to community impact, Tim Lee continues using all platforms available to spread hope and inspiration to those growing up in an ever-changing world.

Tim Lee through the years

Tim Lee's

Philosophy of Education

Each student has everything he or she needs within to learn anything without. It is the job of the teacher to guide the student on their personal journey to discover what's inside and how to express it. Ultimately, that is what both learning and life is all about: expression.

In order for learning to occur, four things must be present: a student, a teacher, a lesson and a classroom. The classroom is anywhere the student learns. A student is anyone capable of learning. A teacher is anything that teaches a lesson. A lesson is anything the student learns and is able to apply later in life. While I believe it is true that the best students can learn from anything and anybody, I do not believe that the best teachers can teach anybody anything. In fact, I don’t even lean toward either pole in the argument of whether teachers are born or made. I believe the best teachers are chosen –that students, though assigned a teacher at every juncture in life, must mentally choose to embrace the teacher as teacher. When this is done, a lifelong and unforgettable bond is made.

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