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Quality animations can be very costly. To be consistent with industry standards, creators should prepare to spend at least $1000 for every minute of content.  Tim Lee Creations has several opportunities for friends and partners to support the mission of influencing the next generation of leaders by reshaping consciousness, transforming thinking and impressing culture through future animations.



*Next Level Enrichment, the education arm of Tim Lee Creations receives all donations. Learn more about Next Level Enrichment by clicking HERE

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Creativity is stimulated by color, pictures, and moving pictures that tell stories. As society travels further into the digital age, Tim Lee Creations understands the role that animation will have on influencing the culture of the emerging generations. Please assist us in bringing quality, child appropriate content to children of today and tomorrow!

Our First Animation

Inspired by Tim Lee's first children's book, The Boy Who Loved Butterflies but Hated Caterpillars illustrated by David Ellis.


Summary: James is a young boy whose favorite season is summer. He wants to keep his garden beautiful for butterflies so begins killing the caterpillars he sees, until his mother teaches him a valuable lesson.

Date of Release: October 30, 2021

Narrator: Gavin Semmon, 8 years old

Musical Score: Rodney Lee

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