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Tim Lee Creations creates content for young adults and adults as well. He has a style and message uniquely tailored to reach Millennials and Generation Zers who are seeking higher truth, a connection with GOD and self, and a safe place to ask questions. 

Secret Energy
Soul Coaching Services


I walk with people on their path to reconnecting with their souls using a framework that reprioritizes application over information. I have developed a Praxis Guide for seekers to manifest their best lives. I employ the use of religion and philosophy as illustrative tools that uncover hidden truths about The Self and ultimately help seekers expand their reliance on the knowledge of the mind to include the knowing of the soul.

Tim Lee Creations Logo Circles    (Flipped).png
Tim Lee Creations Logo Circles    (Flipped).png
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Godstuff Blog

As I journey throughout this lifetime, I have personally longed for conversation partners to discuss what I am finding-- people to ask questions to and to bounce ideas off of. I haven't always felt comfortable sharing my ideas and philosophies about GOD, or asking my questions. But recently, I have begun to do it more. In this blog, I post some of my findings, some of my questions and some of my proposed answers... I hope that you will be one of my conversation partners.

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Quantum Leap Year

In May of 2019, I declared that I would change my life; that I would apply all of the truths I had learned from everywhere... not limiting myself based on religious expectations or affiliations. 

What happened was out of this world. The leaps I made were not from A to B. they were from A to G or A to Z... they were quantum! The videos within mark the beginning of my  "Quantum Leap Year" journey. 

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