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K-pop Singer


The cinematography, the acting, the stories, and especially the music from K-Dramas are all sources of inspiration for Tim Lee Creations. K-Dramas have been taking the world by storm over the past decade and Tim Lee Creations is contributing to the wave by taking the transliteral English translations to another level by providing native English speakers with beautiful lyrics perfectly married to the awe-inspiring instrumentation.


Distant Fate | Doom at Your Service

Seo In Guk's Distant Fate premiered in episode 13 of the 2021 K-Drama, Doom at your Service. They lyrics, transliterated echo lines from the episode as the audience learns the depth of the love the main character, Myul Mang (Doom), has developed for Tok Dong Kyung. Even though they are diametrical opposites, they are soulmates who will won't rest until they are together. Tim Lee interprets the bridge of the song this way: "Our souls may search round and 'round/ in this world and in the next/ It matters not how many lifetimes it may take./ For I am sure, in the end, we'll win/ We'll find each other each and every time."


Love Is Feeling | The Inheritors 

Itaewon Class picture.jpg


Someday, The Boy| Itaewon Class

Coming June!

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It's You | What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Coming July!

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