meet Tim Lee

his story (cont)

But Tim Lee Concepts was limiting. Recalling a conversation he had with a client, he said, "To have an idea is one thing. To create something from that idea is an entirely different thing and requires an entirely different set of skills." Drowning in a sea of ideas, and suffocating in a darkness of depression that comes from not moving the ideas from concept to creation, Tim Lee made a life changing decision. "I am going to bet on myself. I am going to invest in myself. I am going to take my own advise and believe in myself."


He declared he would have a "Quantum Leap Year" from May of 2019 to May of 2020. After submitting his resignation from his 9 to 5 job in July of 2019, he went into hibernation or as he likes to call it-- a "cocooning phase" where he would do the inner work necessary to give life to his ideas-- emerging from hibernation as a new creature-- a butterfly having perfected the art of materialization. 

Tim Lee Creations is the product of his hibernation/ cocooning period. It contains the many results of his Quantum Leap Year.

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