meet Tim Lee

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He describes his mind as a "hub... to which ideas come from every direction." A self-professed mystic able to both channel and read energies on other realms, Tim Lee purports that ideas do not originate in the human mind, but come to the planet on frequencies inculcated through psychic projectiles. Long and short of it, he not only has access to these wavelengths, but he has been gifted to sort through the immeasurable volumes of possibilities and organize them in packages that are easy for people to understand. To see him in thoughtful action is inspiring and intimidating simultaneously. This is why he created Tim Lee Concepts.

"To have an idea is one thing. To create something from that idea is an entirely different thing and requires an entirely different set of skills." Drowning in a sea of ideas, and suffocating in a darkness of depression that comes from not moving the ideas from concept to creation, Tim Lee made a life changing decision. "I am going to bet on myself. I am going to invest in myself. I am going to take my own advise and believe in myself."


He declared he would have a "Quantum Leap Year" from May of 2019 to May of 2020. After submitting his resignation from his 9 to 5 job in July of 2019, he went into hibernation or as he likes to call it-- a "cocooning phase" where he would do the inner work necessary to give life to his ideas-- emerging from hibernation as a new creature-- a butterfly having perfected the art of materialization. 

Tim Lee Creations is the product of his hibernation/ cocooning period. It contains the many results of his Quantum Leap Year.