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Next Level Enrichment is the educational arm of Tim Lee Creations. It is an online enrichment program for children ages 8-12 that seeks to develop self-awareness, self confidence, and self-expression in children in youth.


Modules are useful for elective/ special/ encore courses or for afterschool enrichment. By participating in our program, students will be better able:

  • to think critically

  • to create powerfully

  • to express confidently  

  • to win collectively

Tim Lee Creations utilizes Next Level Enrichment to work with students participating in virtual productions, but also reinforces academic lessons using extra-curricular modules focused to: 

  • Develop Healthy Identity and Personal Power

  • Building Self- Confidence through Self-Expression

  • Fostering Interpersonal Skills

  • Encouraging Futuristic Learning and Solution-based Thinking

  • Providing Interactive Tutoring and Mindful Mentoring 

Parent Testimonial

Everybody wins.

Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

Tel: 804-362-0505

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