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Dear Ministry Leader,

Thank you for using the Tim Lee & Friends videos in your lessons. I hope they provide supplemental support for your objectives and a bit of entertainment for your students.  


Tim Lee & Friends has been providing digital Christian Education content since December 2020. Utilizing storytelling, visual aids, animation, and children, Tim Lee & Friends is able to entertain, engage, and inspire emerging generations during a rapidly changing ministry climate.


An online curriculum accompanies Tim Lee & Friends Life Application videos. Ministry Leaders can choose between affordable packages that can be used virtually as a Sunday School aid, a Bible Study resource, or most commonly, a Sunday Morning service drop in.


Enjoy the below sample of a video that would be included in the "Drop-In" Package. 

Thank you for your partnership!

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curriculum & components

Summary and Lessons

This section will summarize the video and provide a few  morals/ lessons of the story.  

Lesson and Bible Correlate

This section will provide a correlation to the lesson/moral to a scripture in the Bible.

Discussion Question

This section provides five questions for students to contemplate  and discuss. 

Activity Suggestions

This section will provide at least three activity suggestions. If applicable, songs will be linked.

lesson sample

Opportunities for partnership

the story of Jessica and her forgotten bookbag


Jessica forgets her bookbag at home and has to borrow supplies from her friends. But her friends want too much from her and she is left unprepared. Find out why Jessica keeps saying, "That's not fair!?



The theme of this story is economic justice. It teaches lessons about fairness, justice, and balance.

bible/lesson correlate

The story teaches a lesson about fairness and the consequences of economic injustice. Jessica wants to borrow school supplies from her friends, but her friends want her to pay back what she borrowed and more! Jessica decides to be unprepared because she doesn't think their terms are fair. Although we face similarities like this in society, the Bible teaches there is a time to cancel debts among family and friends. The principles of forgiveness, unity, and helping GOD's people are scattered throughout today's lesson.


"At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts... You may require payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt your brother owes you." Deuteronomy 15:1-3, NIV

discussion questions

1. Why was Jessica unprepared for school?

2. What was Jessica's plan to get school supplies?

3. Why didn't Jessica borrow school supplies from her friends?

4. What phrase did Jessica say over and over again? Why?

5. What is economic justice?

6. Without economic justice, what societal issues and disparities arise? Think of as many as you can.

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activity suggestions

1. Without economic justice, the number of homeless people rises. Think of a project you can do with your family, friends, or church family to help people who are living without a home. Help spread GOD's love by implementing the idea. 

2. Scales are used as symbols in the courtroom, but so is a blindfolded woman. Do research to find out why the woman is blindfolded. Share it with your friends.



This work is a labor of love. Support these efforts by subscribing to the YouTube channel or by donating to Next Level Enrichment, the educational platform Tim Lee uses to teach self-confidence through the performing arts. 

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Tim Lee will speak to your class! Send a message to request a day where he will guest teach! Your class can also be featured in one of the stories! Send an email to learn more! 

Online Class

Drop-In Package

4 to 6 minute story that teaches morals and Biblical principles. Downloadable curriculum includes: 

  • Bible Summary

  • Discussion questions

  • Suggested Activities

Two Friends with a Tablet

Extended Moment with Children and Youth

8 to 12 minute service with songs, scripture, prayer, and story that teaches morals and Biblical principles. Downloadable curriculum includes: 

  • Bible Summary

  • Discussion questions

  • Suggested Activities


the story The Magic Notebook


Amanda is afraid to go to sleep at night because she has bad dreams. An angel appears to her after a prayer and tells her to write the dreams she wants to have in a magic notebook.



Some of the lessons the story teach include: prayer changes things, the power in writing dreams and goals. 

bible/lesson correlate

The story teaches a lesson about the power of prayer and the power of visualizing and writing. When you think about it, prayer requires imagination and creativity-- many of the same tools used in writing. When you write down your prayers, your visions, your goals, or your dreams, something inexplicable happens. Not only is it memorialized so that others may read and learn and act, it is concisely expressed in the physical which is one of the early steps in the process of manifestation.


"Then the Lord answered me and said: 'Write the vision and make it plain on the tablets, that he may run who reads it." Habakkuk 2:2, NKJV

discussion questions

1. Have you ever been afraid to go to sleep? Why?

2. Have you ever had a nightmare?

3. What did you do?

4. What did Amanda do after she had hers? 

5. After the angel left Amanda, what did she see on her dresser?

6. What did she do with it? 

7. Why do you think Amanda had good dreams later that night?

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activity suggestions

1. Do you remember a bad dream you had? Write a story or draw a picture about the dream. Then say a prayer asking GOD to protect you from bad dreams. After you say Amen, ball up the picture/story and throw it away. 

2. Try keeping a magic notebook of your own. Like Amanda, write down the dreams you want to dream and pray that GOD will send them to you. Email us and let us know the results!


Vacation Bible School Package

5 daily 4-6 minute videos which corresponds with theme. Features include:

  • Bible Verses of the Day

  • Themed Song

  • Downloadable Activities

  • Live Zoom Greetings/Lesson with Tim Lee

Computer Class

Special Virtual Presentation

18-25 minute presentation that incorporates children and youth from ministry highlighted as talent! Children and youth receive three weeks of virtual coaching to prepare and rehearse. 

Family with Tablet


Are you interested in partnering with Tim Lee & Friends?

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