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Anticipating Disney Pixar's SOUL | What it Will Get Right and Wrong

I think a lot of people are excited about Disney Pixar’s “Soul.” I know I am. Not only is it making history with the first Black lead of a Pixar movie, it is also addressing some of the most profound truths about life, death, and what it means to be a Human—things I LOVE thinking, writing, and talking about. I think its release is perfectly timed and that the movie will get a lot of things right. I also think the movie will get a few things wrong, that if left unaddressed, will severely limit the children watching and learning (similar to how children of the 80s and 90s were limited by the overly perfect presentations of love and romance in Disney films).

What I think the movie will get right:

From what I can gather in the previews I’ve seen, I think the writers have identified the soul as the non-physical, non-material component of the self that is the truest, purest essence of who we are. It also seems that the movie creates some conversation around concepts of connection and reconnection (body and soul) and the experiences the soul can have with a body in order to experience and express itself. Ultimately, I think Pixar will tell a heart-felt story that will become an instant classic.

What I think the movie will get wrong:

While I am excited about the recent gains of diversity and inclusion in mainstream media and how the lead character’s world is predominately Black (something uncommon in Disney/Pixar films), I think the message will too heavily center around music. In other words, the main character’s quest seems to be to find a body to animate in order to soul-express (which is to create). The unbalanced message, however, that creation is limited to creating music. When the power of the Soul is completely understood, it is clear that a proper alignment between the body, soul, mind, and heart (which is akin to oneness with GOD) is the master key of creating anything. This power, which created the universe and all in it, is accessible to humans, and can be used by humanity to create the future and even the worlds that we experience as humans.

Why this is significant:

When I reflect on the happenings of 2020 and how powerless much of the world was in responding to the pandemic, I wonder if we missed an opportunity to express our power and potential as humans instead of waiting for science (or Jesus) to save us. I look forward hopefully to 2021 that we can use the full human potential to create a world we want to see… instead of a “new-normal” manufactured and forced-fed to us. When we know the capability of the Soul, and the limitless GOD-power of creativity we have when we are wholly aligned (Mind and Body; Heart and Soul) we have access to a power (that can be individually and collectively) to fashion a future and world where everyone is safe, healthy, happy, prosperous, and living at their full potential.

Can we agree to this possibility? Can we intentionally connect to each other to manifest a NEW reality of life, hope, and joy for our children? After all, this is the unity that the Christmas message teaches, right? Adults and children (Mary/ Joseph and Jesus), the rich and poor (Mary/Joseph and The Magi), the above and below (Heaven and Earth), the human and the divine (Mary and Angels), and the flesh and spirit (Man and GOD), coming together to bring NEW LIFE, NEW JOY, AND NEW hope to a lost and dying world in need of salvation. Over 2000 years ago, Jesus was that Salvation. Perhaps we can learn from Jesus’ example (as the WAY and TRUTH of how to re-connect to our divinity and oneness with GOD) and BE the that salvation the world so desperately needs today. Anything less will make the CHRIST in Christmas insignificant. Besides, it's not there for bragging purposes; it's there to remind believers to be in action- consciously and collectively making a difference and changing the world.

Merry Christmas.

Read more about the Soul from godstuff: On Becoming a Living Soul (part 1 of 7 part series)

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