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A Bizarre Turn of Events for Black People: My Thoughts (pt 2)

My Theory

The way I see it, a transition happening is happening in the world.  And we are being distracted with leftovers to keep us busy as the transition takes place. If we get too caught up in celebrating all of this capitalistic success,, we will be lulled to sleep. And when whatever is happening has happened, we won’t be prepared.

The Transition

You may notice an explosion in technology and other advancements on an artificial level. As we get farther into the new decade, you will see technology shift in drastic ways. We have already seen commercials connecting everything to the internet—like house lights, garage doors, heating and air conditioning systems, alarm systems, etc. Notice how connected everything is becoming… How connected we have to be to technology these days… How technology is creeping up to be an inseparable part of our lives?

It wasn’t a mainframe but it certainly had the DNA. On April 29, 1952 IBM demoed the Defense Calculator which ultimately became the IBM 701 Electronic Data Processing Machines.

Look at it this way: The first computer mainframe was so large, it took up an entire room. As technology advanced, you could fit computers on a desk (desktop), then your lap (laptop), then your pocket (phone), then your wrist (watch). Technology is so advanced now, that computers are on wheels (Tesla) and can get so small that they can fit inside of the body. As each advancement is introduced, we as humans take more active roles in becoming more dependent on it. Newer advancements have us getting used to keeping artificial intelligence always around us (phones, watches, glasses, etc.) and even inside our bodies (wireless ear buds). To the older/ more adepts citizens who may celebrate the fact that they still have their flip phones or don’t have many applications on their phones, or still write checks in Wal-Mart, Generation Z (the generation after Millennials) will do no such thing, as they have never known a world without the internet and will probably not consider a voluntary rejection of technological advancements as a realistic/ intelligent option. And the generation after GenZers, forget about it! They already have a name by the way: Gen Alpha[1].

The way I see it, all things artificial mimic the natural. And the network that is connecting computers to everything is modeled after the network that is nature. Neil deGrasse said it this way, “We are all connected; To each other biologically, to the earth chemically, to the rest of the universe atomically.” The Earth has a matrix so vast and so powerful, it would blow our minds if we really got in tune with it. And if you think that’s impressive, consider the network that is our (known) universe! It’s even more connected! This natural network is world more impressive than the technology that we are creating, but we don’t know it because the more and more advance technology becomes, the more time we spend with it and the less time we spend with nature.

You will find as this new decade unfolds, that we are naturally becoming more in tune with nature and the networks of the planet and the universe. 2020 will be packed with power and energy we have not felt in our lifetimes. Upon right use, we will create opportunities to change ourselves, our communities and the world in dramatic ways. You may have already experienced a bit of this power. You may be more in tune with your intuition; you may feel more endowed with insight; you may sense your powers of manifestation are getting stronger; or you may be seeing synchronicities and “coincidences” more frequently. Have you ever thought of someone randomly and within moments, they call you or in a matter of days, you may physically see them?[2]

I believe that the Earth’s network is making itself accessible to us. Something has switched on and we are now able to tap into a power that has been cut off for some time. Humans are graduating to a higher state of consciousness which comes with many rewards. The activation of our higher senses is only a foretaste of what is to come. More children, for instance, will be born with advanced gifts and talents, and even super human abilities.[3]

Putting it Together

The matrix of the virtual reality (VR) world is being created as we speak. Soon, VR will be presented as an alternative reality for humans to live in which will ultimately coerce humans to voluntarily disconnect from this present reality and the matrices of Nature the Earth. Humans and machines will be merged and create a race of transhumans. I am still on the fence of what kind of impact this will have on the collective—as I believe transitions like this have been experienced before—whether a transition of humanity from Venus to Earth or a transition from the Garden of Eden to exile—from Heaven to Earth—from one dimension to another (however you choose to interpret it). For some reason, I am wanting to resist this move to VR because I think it will cause more obstacles that need to be overcome when trying to reach the spiritual realm. The same way we have to “quiet our minds” in order to meditate and stop thinking about all of the thoughts flying to and fro in our minds, we will have to traverse yet another layer once the VR matrix is fully established.

Personally, I connect Christ Consciousness to the natural/ earth matrix I’ve been referring to. Once we get plugged into the Earth Matrix, there will be an increase of Christ abilities/ powers in humanity today. In a sense, this will mark the “second coming” of Christ, which will be thwarted by VR. This way, according to my theory, the VR energy will fuel the anti-Christ energy which will be manifested in the person of a transhuman.

Ultimately, a choice is being presented. On one hand, there is the Creator; on the other hand there is the created. On one hand there is nature intelligence; on the other hand there is artificial intelligence. On one hand there is God; on the other hand there is mammon. The masses will choose the latter—as most people are the walking dead/ asleep and controlled anyway. But the conscious who choose the planet will become the called who chose themselves (Matt 22:14).

Can you see how films like “Enemy of the State” (facial recognition technology/ tracking devices, etc.) and “iRobot” (computers/ robots in every home, VIKI compared to SIRI) are realities now? Soon, films like “Surrogates” and “The Matrix” and “Equals” will be the reality for humanity the longer we defer to machines/ computers/ artificial intelligence. Let me say that just like all information or power, A.I. is not evil. It is a tool. If we, as a collective, are not balanced or careful, it will be used to promote agendas that are other than good, and in a way that will attempt to destroy everything we know and love about our uniqueness as human beings and this planet we are experiencing that uniqueness on.

Honestly, this conversation is bigger than the lights in your house being controlled remotely—or a video doorbell. Have you heard about the conversations that are going on about the future of technology? Books and videos with titles like: Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind, or What if Human Brains had A.I. Implants?, or Can Artificial Intelligence Tell What a Guilty Person Looks Like?, or The Final Creation of Man: Will Artificial Intelligence Become God? I am not interested in creating fear around this concept and the future use of technology. I am, however, wanting to convey that the conversation is worlds beyond where the common man or woman is. So to talk about being balanced is only meaningful when you see just how unbalanced the masses are related to their lack of knowledge concerning machines. We only know what we’ve seen in the movies—and that is the primary source of our imbalance. We think it’s fiction, when there are, in fact, elements of truth in fiction.

It may be hard for some to accept now, but we are not alone. In this decade, the US government will be crystal clear in its communication, interactions, relations (including treaties) with other life forms. Some entities want to help us, others want to make us slaves. Still others feed off of human energy (sexual, creative, emotional) and to keep us in a cycle that feeds and empowers them.

The Earth is responding by moving to the 5th dimension where the most negative of these beings cannot live. Understanding their fate, they are working diligently to survive. They have entered in co-creative relationships with humans who sold their souls (and attempting to sell ours) to advance an alien agenda. The only way these entities are able to keep us enslaved is to bind us to an artificial matrix that loop our souls in an endless (professional) reincarnation that feeds them and prevents us from graduating from the university that is this Planet.

The Bottom Line

We, who have been the guardians of this planet, are being distracted. We have been tossed the hand-me down model of capitalistic success which will mean nothing once human labor is no longer needed, and education and religion obsolete.

10 Things You Can Do Personally

  1. Connect with the planet

  2. Study the elements

  3. Study nature

  4. Drink more water

  5. Cleanse your temple

  6. Quiet your mind, open heart, listen to soul

  7. Meditate and pray more and seek direction

  8. Look to natural solutions for healing and medicine

  9. Connect to a community that is focused on unity

  10. Get rid of fear, worry, anxiety

Part I:



[1] Isn’t it interesting that the first several generations were given names that described their generation. The past several have been letters—at the end of the alphabet—Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z. Gen Alpha signifies a new beginning. But of what?

[2] Contrast this with the random vacation you price followed by immediate droves of advertisements on Facebook and Instagram the next time you log on. Speak to the right person, they will tell you some of the things they talk about or think about begin appearing in the same types of ads!

[3] It will be the responsibility of the conscious community to train these children how to use their powers to keep balance. Otherwise with our current models of categorization, such gifted children will be labeled as mutations. Fear and jealousy will cause them to be looked down upon by larger society—similar to how mutants were looked down on in the X-Men series.

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