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A Must-Read for All Black Protesters | What's the End Game?

First, thank you for your service. Thank you for your courage to be out in the front lines during these unprecedented times. Thank you also for all of the sacrifices you are making in this ongoing fight for justice and equality under the law.

As the lines between the looters and protesters become more blurred, it is going to get more challenging. Soon, more restrictions to peacefully assemble will be put in place and all people on the streets will be viewed as enemies of the state. Before bad turns to worse, I have a few questions I want you to think about and a bit of advice I want you to consider.

Questions to think about:

When you are on the streets, do you see yourself involved in a protest or a fight (either literal or proverbial)? Are the streets your rallying ground or a battleground? Do you consider yourself a civilian or a warrior? How do you think the police/ national guard see you?

No judgement here. Just wanting to provoke some thought.

If this is a protest, is there a clear list of demands? What do you want? Justice for one or justice for all? An end to police brutality? If so, will that be measured in days or months or years? Do you want a commitment from local and national leadership that police brutality will end?

Without organization-- I care not how righteous a cause is—demonstrations around that cause will appear sloppy. And if we are out in the streets, risking life and limb for such a noble cause, we should have an end game. Securing lasting change will only happen if there is some order and organization.

Some unsolicited advice for you to consider:

1. Your WHY has got to be clear. You have to so internalize your reason for being on the ground that it is a part of you. You should be able to communicate that purpose to others both reasonably and passionately to such a degree that even if listeners don’t agree with you, they will respect you and support you in the way they choose.

2. You have to have a list of demands. What are you fighting for? What are your timelines? What are you willing to do if the demands or timelines aren’t met? Are you willing to negotiate? Absent such a list, your resoluteness will be anemic, your aim will be inaccurate, and your mind will be easily swayed to serve the focused mind of someone else—even people against your cause.

3. You have to assess your power/weaponry. Footworking on top of a police car and dancing in the streets makes good Instagram posts, but leaves the dancers and the audience vulnerable to all kinds of attack (lethal and non-lethal). Signs and chants are timeless ways to make statements, are not enough to secure serious demands. Rocks and bricks and fires make more of a statement but will not win a war.

4. All is fair in love and war, but there must be standards in protesting. Demonstrators must agree on rules of conduct and consequences of breaking communal rules/agreements. Use social authority in your favor. This way you will be able to easily identify (and deal with) infiltrators who are being paid to incite violence to make everyone look bad.

a. Study mob mentality. Whether you like it or not, when you are in the streets with so many people, you are in a mob. Mobs have minds of their own and can be easily changed by outside (or inside) stimuli. Onlookers attribute the actions of a few in the mob to the intent of all. There are ways to control mobs, and logic and reasoning is not one of them.

5. You have to be prepared and protected. On the ground, being right is not enough. You are not in an argument— you are in a fight. And fights are dirty. If tear gas is used, are you prepared? If bullets are shot will you be protected? Do you know the weaponry of the people you are standing up against? Street fights end either with a win or a loss. There are no ties. If the fight is intense enough, both a loss and a win may mean a loss of life. You must be willing to kill or be killed if you are in a war. If not, the battlefield is not for you.

Unpopular Truths from a deeper level:

6. You’ve got to have some spiritual support in your corner. Whatever godstuff you believe in, call upon it. Summon its power and protection. Ancestors who have fought the fight you are fighting are waiting to assist you from higher realms. But there is a process to such communication and petitioning such power. In chess, Bishops stand beside the King and Queen for a reason. Who are your spiritual guides in all of this?

a. *When higher energies come into the conversation, you and all you represent are assessed for worthiness. The rules of the invisible realms are more strict than the rules of the physical realm. This is why certain characters in religious texts are put through tests. And only after certain tests are passed, access to the higher levels are granted. With that in mind:

7. Your life must be consistent with your cause. Incongruency in this area will only give rise to more struggle (and time) because on spiritual levels you can only graduate once you have passed the tests of the previous level(s). If you want something that you haven't "earned/learned" you will ultimately attract a prerequisite to prepare you for it. This is why the Law of Attraction teaches that there is the buffer of time between asking and receiving. The inner work you put in during the prerequisite stage shifts your frequency and expands your capacity to handle what you are asking for.

Regarding the subject at hand, if your life is inconsistent with the cause you champion, (individually and collectively) that has to be cleared. In other words, what if we, as a people, have to be clean before we can clean up the government or the police force? When we fight for justice we are really fighting for balance, which is also what the Civil Rights Leaders meant when they fought for equality (note: equals sign used in mathematical equations that are balanced). This being the case, can we champion justice and equality and balance while creating energetic imbalances by making innocent police officers pay for the crimes of the guilty? Energetically, how different are we from police officers who killed innocent men women and children? Can we collectively champion justice and equality while creating imbalance for business owners who suffer from needless looting?

Is the righteous indignation we express (as a people) toward police brutality in our community lopsided and misplaced when contrasted beside the non-responsiveness we have regarding brutality in our communities that comes from our own hands? Do Black lives matter only when prematurely taken by white hands? If we love Black life shouldn't we love it enough to protect it from all threats internal and external?

a. It is not a good idea to compare the races when spiritual matters are being discussed as there are different standards for different people on spiritual levels. This applies to groups of people as well. But I can't go into too much detail here, as this idea requires a post of its own.

Permit me to leave you with the idea in the following quote:

“Life is a game. You can be a player or a toy.”

Players play. Toys are played with. Are we being played?

Consider the game plan of your opponent (and believe me, they have one). Are they using your fight to implement a lock-down that the COVID scare couldn't justify? Are extremists being planted to loot and destroy to give an excuse for the government to wield more power from the people? Have seeds of looting been planted to justify closing essential business that will cause a spell of hunger and frustration for more people? How do hungry masses behave?

When fully armed police officers (who have not only been trained to kill but have historically killed Black people without punishment) use tear gas and rubber bullets instead of metal bullets, know that we're are being toyed with. Should the tide change while you are out there and directives are given to respond to the mob of protesters and looters with lethal force, dancing shoes, clever signs, clinched fists, rocks, bricks, and matches will neither protect you nor harm your opponents. We are going to need a strategy, some wisdom, and some godstuff. Let's graduate to player status. We’ve been at this too long to be in the game as toys.

Respectfully submitted,


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