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A Woman's Worth | Exploring Heaux Tales Truths for Teaching Life and Ministry (part 4)

The more I reflect on “History Months” the more I dislike them. LBS. I no longer see them as opportunities to celebrate the contributions of portions of society that have been overlooked, and whose contributions have been ignored. Instead, I see these months as fractions of the year carved out to pacify centuries of built-up discontentment from a culture of backwardness, dishonesty, and manipulation. The celebrations are breadcrumbs thrown at segments of the population who have been starving for the truth about themselves, their story, and their potential. They are psychological tools of oppression used to maintain the status quo of the weak on top and the powerful on the bottom. I am mainly referring to Black History and Women’s History Month, but I interestingly feel it more in March than I do in February, as I truly believe women have been more suppressed and oppressed than most of us realize. But that can only be understood when we realize the true power of women—and it far exceeds what society has allowed us to experience or understand.

“And the sex has become my superpower It's like sex is where I… I'm finding my worth. You know it's… that's the one thing that I know I can make you keep coming back to me But at the end of the day Even if you don't really want me, I know you gon' want that. In one way it's empowering, in another way, it's sad I feel moments of sadnеss knowing that… you know…. Just me alone and who I am is not enough…” -Amanda’s Tale (interlude from Jasmine Sullivan's Heaux Tales)

I started this series (read part III here) to add to the conversation about Jasmine Sullivan’s latest project, Heaux Tales. To present, for consideration, some ideas that can bring a bit of balance to the limitations that society has placed on women and how that is expressed in day to day living. While I understand there are complexities and nuances in how a woman develops self-esteem, self-love, and self-worth, it is my sincere hope that culture doesn’t get the best of them and cause them to forget their real superpower, which almost antithetical to what Amanda’s Tale expresses above.

I speak for myself, but I must begin by saying that women are the most powerful beings on this plane. I believe this for many reasons, but will discuss three in this post: creativity, psychic ability, and divine femininity.


Creativity is one of the most noteworthy characteristics of GOD. This is namely because GOD has the ability to create something from nothing, which is unlike the created which can only create using something that GOD created first (natural resources). Women, however, are distinct in their creative power because they create by transformation and transmutation. They have the unique ability to transmute things into their highest and most complete forms. A woman can take a microscopic seed from a man, for example, and in her womb—transform it into a child—carrying it through roughly nine million years of evolution in nine months. The child to which she gives birth, helpless and lost, depend on its mother for love, guidance and food. In so providing these essentials for her child, she nurtures it into an adult. Boys are transformed into men and girls into women. A woman can take a house and makes it a home; she can take the unwanted scraps from another man’s meal and make it food for the soul.

This is no small deal. And to further accentuate the extent of her power is the fact that it’s done effortlessly and naturally. Women create more than just children. To be cliché, she creates nations. To be more than cliché, she creates worlds. Understanding this on a psychic level will explain why men have been using women to accomplish their aims and ends for centuries.

Psychic Abilities

First, psychic should not be limited to the ability to see into the future. Psychic abilities include the mental capacity to influence the world and the people in the world using perceptions that transcend the five senses. To that end, women are more psychic than men. They are more in tune with their higher senses like intuition and empathy which connects them to much of the life on this planet. It is because of this connection that they have great levels of influence (without resulting to physical combat). It’s a gentle, yet compelling influence that is impossible to ignore. This connection with life also gives women sharper discerning abilities and an abundance of magnetic charm. The quiet strength often applied to women comes from these abilities. But don’t be fooled by the adjective “quiet”. This strength is unparalleled to physical strength and should be fostered and developed to the highest degree.

Divine Femininity

This phrase has become more common in recent years and a lot of people are using it now (and a little too loosely). Simply speaking, Divine Femininity refers to the feminine aspect of the Divine. More specifically, it encompasses everything which deals with the feminine principle of creation like the subconscious mind, the imagination, emotion, Yin of Yin/Yang symbology, the left side, darkness (from which all light comes), receptivity, wisdom (Sophia), Ma’at, Nature, Mother Nature/Mother Earth, and even creation itself. Divine femininity shows up as the magic in women that help them manifest and gives them the strength to endure. In Christianity, it is hidden as the New Testament as the Most High GOD (argued to be different from the jealous and vengeful GOD of the Old Testament) displaying characteristics of love, compassion, forgiveness, and other-worldly wisdom.

So many treasures are packaged into the woman. So much magic. So much power. So much awesomeness. Such power can leave women open for attack and manipulation and if the wrong person gets into a woman’s mind or heart, they may bend the will of the woman to manifest imbalances and use the power for their own ends. This is the true reason men are to protect the woman. Men are to protect women, not because they are weak, but because she is so strong. It’s a shame that men have used their physical strength and their proclivity for left-brained thinking to rule women instead of loving them and safeguarding them. (Patriarchy has made a doozy of a switch in the collective consciousness of all its victims.) But with its preference for left-brained thinking, society has become too intellectual and in a real sense, lost contact with reality. Sadly, some women believe that in order to be successful in this culture, she has to become a man in her thinking. But the more she does this, the more she will contribute to the downfall of society. The earth was not blessed with women so they would spend their time and energy copying men—doing what they have done to prove their equal status. No; women are here to create, to originate, to bless the world with their uniqueness... to do what only a woman can do, give the way only a woman can give, love as only a woman can love and create as only a woman can create!

The world needs balance restored. And much of that is not dependent on destroying patriarchy; rather, it is dependent on women reclaiming their power and their magic—and society fully embracing the divine creativity, psychic ability and divine femininity of women.

By the end of March, I will release a Bible Study tool ministry leaders can use to have engaging conversations in their ministries.

  • Using Heaux Tales Truths for Teaching Ministry | A Topical Bible Study for Honest Adults (On or before Sunday, March 27, 2021)

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