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An Ode to Mothers

Today I share a poem I recently completed with my mother in mind. As I got deeper in thought about why I loved my mother and why mothers are so important, I saw an awesomeness in women that was reminiscent of GOD-- that made me see "the GOD in all women" in a way I hadn't appreciated before (Matthew 5 :8).

As we acknowledge and recognize, celebrate and even remember our mothers on Mother's Day this year, I encourage us push the limitations of what we recognize and celebrate. See why we attribute femininity to the Earth. See the similarities between the work our mothers did to physically bring us into the world and the work that Divinity does to metaphysically marry and merge the body with the spirit. I hope and believe such an expansion will bring about a deeper appreciation for our mothers-- as we will ultimately see womanhood the way GOD does. Hopefully that vision will impact the way we treat all women since all women carry the potential of motherhood-- whether they have conceived or not.

To my mommy specifically and all mothers generally;

To all women generally and Black women specifically:

This poem is dedicated to you.

(Music: The Planet's Greatest African Music, Volume 1 (Okrika Sunset).

Long Live the Black Queen

An ode to my mother

Who carried me

Who nurtured me

Loved life enough to keep me

And treat me

As if she loved me

Before she ever met me


She is to be honored and esteemed

As God’s vehicle of birth

Long live the Black Queen

Who transports souls from Heaven to the Earth

She is a woman

But she is more

She is a passage

She is a door

She is a light

She is the way

She is the truth

Dare I say

That no soul cometh unto The Mother

But by her-

-and through her

And out of her exalted womb

She is the Earth, the sky and the ocean

She is the shine of all suns and all moons

Our first teacher

Our provider

The reason the soul is immortal

She is Black

She is our mother

She is the bridge

She is the portal

We honor

Your royal highness

We appreciate your being

We celebrate all that you are

Long live the Black Queen

Long live the Black Queen

Long live the Black Queen!

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