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Black Fathers Matter

Black fatherhood has seen its share of good days and bad days—of good reports and bad reports. In recent years, however, I have noticed a pretty drastic increase in the good days and good reports. Despite the negative press of exaggerated statistics and the merciless and unmerited character attacks over the years, Black men have stepped up in an admirable way to be for their children what they might not have had as children—a present father.

Black fathers matter because they provide an essential balance to the development of the Black child and the overall health of the Black family. Creativity demands the presence of a masculine and a feminine principle—and children are products of that perfect union. Whether it is the union of thoughts (masculine) and the universe/ether (feminine) or the union of the seed (masculine) and earth (feminine) or the union of the father (masculine) and mother (feminine), all children from the union (manifested ideas, plants, or children) are precious and must be nurtured if they are to survive.

"The Union of Love" Artist: Christopher Lee

If Black lives matter, then Black children matter, as they perpetuate Black life and all of the gifts and unique abilities we have as a people. If Black children matter, then Black mothers matter because they receive the seed from the father, incubates it until its ultimate transformation into her species’ likeness.

If Black children matter, then Black fathers matter, as they are the carriers of the seeds which spur an egg to develop. They are the holders of DNA material and RNA messages for the unborn children. In that sense, they are the carriers of valuable codes that program the future. And in the same way a mother can transfer emotional and psychological energy to the children they carry, so do men energetically transfer to the seed before it is planted.

The attack on Black men hits differently with this knowledge. When they are attacked, the seed they are holding are impacted—the codes for the future are impacted. When they are supported the seeds are stronger, the love code is protected.

Me and my father, Christopher Lee

Black fathers matter. If they didn’t the attacks wouldn’t be as strong. As our knowledge increases on this level, let us expand our appreciation for Black fathers—our support for Black fathers, and love for Black fathers, for Black men, and for Black boys.

Fathers are Essential (2013)

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