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Black History 2012

The so-called celebration Black History this month has sickened me to the point of speaking out. In all my observations at seminars and workshops and a variety of conversations, I have become concerned that too many Black youth (and adults for that matter) are not actively engaged in recognizing Black History in a significant way. I am also unpleasantly surprised by how much information youth generally don’t know as it relates to Black History and the apparent disinterest related to learning it.


I attribute this attitude to the mistaken notion of progress—or “how far we (Blacks specifically and Americans generally) have come” since the Civil Rights Movement. It is my intent, for the rest of this month, to publish a series of blogs to address the claims of social and racial progress in 2012. I intend to give Black History lessons that are significant in content and relevance to today’s world, and to outline how this so-called progress is, in reality, just an illusion.

Yes, we have “come a long way,” but we are in no position to rest and eat the fruits from the labor of our heroes and heroines of yesterday. There are problems we must address, issues we must champion, and heights we must reach. We cannot stop striving.

So take your rose-colored glasses off and come with me on a journey that will remind you a perspective that too many of us have forgotten.

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