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It’s that time again …Black History Month again Let’s watch a film again About MLK again And do a report again On Rosa Parks again

Let’s decorate a bulletin board again And fill out a timeline again About when Blacks gained their so-called freedom again And research again To find an unheard of Black fact again To make us wonder again About why these facts are so hard to come by in any case

Again, let us lift our voices And sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” Again, let us debate About why Black people are so low on the pyramid of social order

Again let us take out our flags of red, black, and green, And refresh our memories of what the colors mean again And dust off our dashikis And reform our fists And feel a sense of pride as we reminisce Our rich Heritage Again

And then Pack them up again As the month has quickly passed again And wait patiently again For an appropriate opportunity to superficially celebrate who we are and what we have been

And wait for a permissible time to be proud again And instill a sense of pride in our children so they can stand tall again

Or break this now meaningless cycle Dismiss any permit or sanction from outsiders And do what is necessary to ensure that Ethiopia will rise Again!

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