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GOD is Love: What It Really Means

The simplest truths are often the most profound. Although they appear elementary on the surface, further exploration and examination for meaning will unpack the depths of the truth. And it goes so deep and so far, it eventually ends up being expressed again as the simple statement—because that is the only way to explain it… but it is not simple at all. As a matter of fact, this kind of truth is mind baffling.


We sing songs about it. Read stories about it. We even teach it to our children. We think we know it, but we don’t. Can you? I mean if minds can’t comprehend GOD then can minds comprehend love (since they are the same)?

GOD did not create love. GOD does not exude love. God does not desire or require love. GOD IS LOVE! (and love is GOD). There is no separation. They are not distinct. They are not even twins. They are the same.

This simply expressed—three worded statement, for me, is “ungettable”, similar to the concept of eternity (not to be limited as something that has no ending; [eternity also has no beginning]). And since GOD is eternal and GOD is love, then love, too is eternal.

This is why it is true that nothing can “separate us from the love of GOD”. The eternalness of GOD (and love) / GOD as love begs the inextricably of both (even though they are one). And since GOD is everything, and GOD is in everything, then love is everything and in everything. This is why the pure in heart are blessed, because they can SEE GOD in everything. And if it is true there is no place that GOD is not… philosophically speaking, GOD is in Hell. The reason “souls” don’t experience GOD there is because there is no way of accessing GOD (which is also why GOD did not create Hell).

In my view, Hell was created by an intentional (mental) movement away from purity (the ability to see/ acknowledge GOD in all things). The mind creates this distance by ignorance—literally ignoring the truth (of the ALLNESS of GOD). To that end, there is not one place all souls are sent because they didn’t confess Jesus as the Son of GOD. Hell is a place we create personally. The ignorance of man (concerning the allness of GOD) yields suffering and spiritually/ soularly creates a personal place of endless ignorance (complete separation) and therefore endless suffering.

Ignorance creates Hell, but stupidity (lacking understanding) makes it comfortable. An absent innerstanding or an improper understanding leads to mis-taking the lies (distortions) as truths, consequently living out the principles of the lie instead of the truth, and ultimately reaping the fruit of the lie instead of the truth.

All in all, I believe that souls have been sent to Earth to learn the lesson of love. It is of great import, however, that we don’t reduce the mission to only learning about love. We must apply the truth and then become the truth. We must become love. And when we become love, we become GOD (figuratively: returning to GOD). Jesus’ assertion of oneness with GOD expresses this truth, which is why “Jesus is the way” according to Christians.

As humans, we have needed spiritual guides and spiritual teachings to keep us on the path to winning this Earth game (becoming love). This, in my view, is why we have religions in any case. They have served as “power ups” or “trump cards” that help humanity (as a whole) stay “alive” after “the fall” (the first ignore-ance/ [and resulting sleep]) occurred, which blinded humanity to the truth. This is a part of the game, however, as we could not learn the lesson were there no threats and obstacles to push us toward wholeness. Though we disagree on the symbols we use to express these truths, when we innerstand these three words… these short and simple words, we will discover, uncover and recover our soul’s super power—the most powerful force in the known universe: love (the greatest of these).

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