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Grappling with the Existence of Hell created by a GOD of Love | Answering Tough Questions (part 4)

In the first three parts of this series, I took a stab at addressing some of the tough questions Social Media Influencer, Charity Crawff, asks in the video below. In this post, I will address the next set of questions.

But GOD’s all loving right?

GOD is ALL (which gets back to the point about GOD being a concept.) If GOD is ALL, then GOD is GOOD and EVIL. If GOD is not evil, then something exists that is not GOD. – that’s conceptually. GOD is really not evil. Instead, evil comes as a result of distancing oneself from GOD (there is no true separation—just distance). And as a result of evil being birthed, there are rules and laws that one must subject/ submit to in order to return to GOOD/ GOD. This is why the “DEVIL” rules this plane… because this plane was created as a result of the distancing. It is, in fact, the only way that someone can have a physical experience. Further, we are not punished by GOD, we are punished by our “sins” (actions inconsistent with GOOD/ GOD). We are not punished because we sin. Our literal sin has an effect which feels like punishment. When you drop a rock in water, there will be ripples. It is law. When you intentionally create distance between self and GOD, GOOD and LOVE, there will be something other than that. It is a ripple.

Then why did he create hell? If GOD is all knowing that means that He knew before you were even born whether or not you were going to Hell. That being the case, if you are going to Hell, that means it was in His will for you to go to Hell.

Hell, similarly, is a state of mind that you can live with on multiple planes. The physical plane, the astral plane, and other planes we don’t know of. Think of Marley in The Christmas Carol—Scrooge’s friend who warns him about the three visitors. He is depicted as wearing the chains he collected by the misdeeds of his life. They weigh him down to such an extent that after life, he is still weighted. If his heart was light (weighted) upon his death, he would float to the highest heights of heaven. This is the truth about life and afterlife. The weight of your heart will determine how high you will go after you separate from your body. Those who stay closest to the earth—who are the most dense, are the shadows that kind of scare us… The still soft voices… and magical feelings we get when we ascend are the higher realms of what we call Heaven. GOD does not send us anywhere. We go on our own.

Physical attachment also keeps us from ascending to heights of heaven. This is why certain religions teach the art/ principle of letting go of earthly attachments. If you want spiritual things, you have to let go of earthly/material things. Animals and nature teach this… that is a part of the secret to abundance. It is about letting go of what you have knowing and trusting that more will come. Imagine holding your breath as not to let go of the oxygen your body desperately needs to stay alive. You don’t hold it in because you know you will breathe again. Water flows. Air flows. Flowing is letting go. We will see each other again. We will LIVE again. Holding on is bondage. This is why some people can’t get over death. The way we interpret it (and life) is bondage. Heaven is freedom—true freedom.

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