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Healing Affirmation: I AM Whole

I wrote this in September 2019 after I got a not-so-good doctor's report. It speaks to me every time I hear it. Sometimes I play it on repeat as I drift off to sleep. Other times I play it when I feel like my external stressors are getting the better of me. It makes me appreciate how complex, yet miraculous being a human being is and reminds me of how powerful my mind is. Considering all of the events going on in the world today, I thought I'd share this with you.

As everyone is doing their best to remain physically healthy during this outbreak, I encourage you to strengthen your spiritual, mental, and emotional immunity. This affirmation speaks to that. If you like the energy of the video above, listen to it as many times as you would like. If you like the words and want to speak them to yourself (in your own voice), feel free to do so. They are written below. #prayingforus #wishingyouhealth #wholeness

I AM Whole

I am the Lord of my body.

I speak and it obeys

I project my thoughts upon it

It conforms to whatever I say

I speak health and I speak healing

I speak vigor into every cell

I am vibrant and energetic

I am whole and I am well

I speak strength into weak places

I know wellth transcends dis-ease

I am the guardian of my body

I govern it as I please

I am superior to every ailment

I exist above any pain

I am the ruler of this body

I am Spirit, this is my reign.

I speak life and I speak power

I speak youth and vitality

I speak restoration, rejuvenation

I speak repair and recovery

I am healed and I am healing

I am detoxed and I am cleansed

I am a whole and I am healthy

I am perfect without and within

I am perfect

I am perfect

I am whole.

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