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How to Process | On Dealing with Anger and Fear

We are living in a moment that history will never forget; and how we respond will make all the difference. Fear and anger, though very real and understandable emotions (especially in these times) are not emotions that will produce lasting results. The video below contains some thoughts and insights about how to deal with the complex emotions we are trying to process and what we must do to effect change. Three of the main ideas are:

  1. Connect to the causal/ invisible plane where true creation happens. (From this connection we will receive timely and relevant messages that will give us the peace, confidence, strength and direction we are searching for.)

  2. Exercise emotional discipline. (When we spiral out of control on the emotional vortexes of fear and/or anger we feed the monsters we are trying to destroy.)

  3. Put your enemy in perspective. (Your enemies operate with the same bag of tricks. Observe patterns. Strategize responses.)

As enemies of human progress make plans on how to thwart the power of the people, let us make sure we are operating from a place of faith, higher insight, and true power.

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