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I Had a Dream

I just woke up from a pretty interesting dream. Although I’m pretty sure dreams across the board are becoming more vivid and memorable, I wanted to share the one I just had. It was pretty eerie; and on a level, showed me something about the times we are presently in.


A former athlete domineered over his girlfriend, who was also a former athlete. And though both of them were lauded in their events, the guy was one of the fastest men many had ever seen run. On one particular day, the unmatched and unhappy couple was out publicly; and in this public setting, an argument ensued. The woman, who had apparently had enough, thought she would have more success if she left him in the presence of a large crowd to avoid the explosions of anger and physical abuse she was perpetually terrified of. She dashed away—literally. He did not hesitate to follow. Onlookers watched as if they were at a sporting event. Would he catch her? He did. And the crowd went wild. I was in the number, pretty amazed myself—but also concerned that no one stood up for the abused woman who made a desperate attempt to escape what had been pressing her down and holding her back in life—controlling her every move and wanting to control her every thought. After the commotion quickly died down, everybody proceeded into the theatre and enjoyed the show.

After the show, the woman made another run for it. And another chase pursued. This time, however, a baby deer, chewing on a fruit with a lot of seeds started chasing the man. It started spitting the seeds out at the man at superpower speed to protect the woman who was running. Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, the mother deer comes and back kicks the man in pursuit of the woman. Still, other animals in nature risked their safety and got between the man and the woman long enough for her to get away. All the while, the crowd is going wilder. This time, however, I was not going wild in the crowd. I was convicted. I, who had done nothing, because I thought there was nothing I could do; I, who had done nothing, because I believed I wasn’t fast enough or strong enough or witty enough to prevent this man from mistreating this woman; I, who could have done something (even if I failed) felt shame. I had watched a baby deer, a mother doe, some dogs and other animals I had never seen do what humans either would not or could not do.


I woke up, still convicted.

And revelations of meaning came flooding in. Here is one:

We, the people, are in an abusive relationship with the government—which has an insatiable appetite for rulership over us. The government or “powers that be” want to tell us where we can go and what we can and cannot do—and uses fear to keep us in "our place." We, the people, either in ignorance or conditioned compliance, believe this is the way things are—the way things have always been—and worse yet, the way things were meant to be. And while I am uninterested in getting into a Machiavellian argument, or taking sides n whether the people need a democracy or something else, I am becoming present to the undeniable truth that we don’t have to stay in an abusive relationship. In fact, Nature, has gotten between us (the people and their abusive government) to such an extent, that space has been created—there is some distance between them and the stronghold they have previously had on us.

"The course of human events” has come back around where it has become necessary for “a people” to dissolve the political bands that have formally connected them. Those people are us. That time is now. We don’t have to sit and wait for "normal" to return. What was "normal anyway?" We also don't have to wait for the unreliable media and even less trustworthy politicians to define for us what the “new normal” will be.

We have dreams and visions that we aren’t interpreting. We’re holding power that we are not using. “Powers of the earth” that “Nature” and “Nature’s God entitle [us]”—power that we haven’t been using; "godstuff" that we are not tapping into.

I want to know my power. I want to use my power. And not to lord over anyone, but to lord over myself… to govern my life because the entities and people we have historically given our power to have no good plans for us in this “new normal” being ushered in and virtually forced upon us.

For me, the handwriting is on the wall—the dreams are making the messages clearer. It is time for me to wake up (to our power), to stand up (in confidence of the inner work I’ve done), and to rise up (to the heights that enemies of human progress desire to stifle).

What about you?

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