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My Anger about George Floyd's Murder and Why I Haven't Expressed It.

All Negroes are angry and I am the angriest of them all”

–Malcolm X

I used to have a picture of Malcolm X hanging up in my apartment with these words on it. I identified with them in a way that’s difficult to articulate. Suffice it to say, a very very very very angry man lives inside of me (his name is Malcolm). But at a time in my life when I felt that anger wasn’t serving me well, I moved the poster to a less visible part of my living space and also made a decision to put the angry black man inside of me to sleep. Observing all of the recent happenings in America over the past few days, however, he woke up—and I have been communing with him again. I have missed him and I regret silencing him for so long.

I haven’t spoken too much about all the anger and frustration going on in the world, partly because I have been reconnecting with Malcolm. But taking a few days to contemplate before being expressive has made me see some things I would have otherwise not seen—and taught me some lessons I intend to share with all who have ears to hear.

On the days following May 25, I found myself being sucked into a vortex of anger surrounding George Floyd’s murder. I felt compelled to add my thoughts and opinions to all that was going on in social media communities. Honestly, I felt a bit distracted by the feeling; I felt consumed by it. In a way, I felt like I wasn’t in control… like something outside of me or inside of me wanted me to give my attention and energy to it. It was palpable. But it wasn’t Malcolm. It was something else.

A few days later, it hit me. There are entities on other planes that feed on and are strengthened by human emotion. Some feed on greed, others on lust, others on hate, others on fear, and others on anger. Some even feed on fluids like blood or semen (which will make you think twice about categorizing succubuses and incubuses as folklore or mythology). Christians collapse these entities that feed off of human emotion into the demonic realm of principalities and powers… and spiritual wickedness in high places as mentioned in Ephesians 6:12.

Call them whatever you want, just don’t serve them. And serving them is what we do when we hastily follow the whims of anger. This is why I have chosen not to respond leading with my anger. Imagine the feast these entities have at the protests and demonstrations where people are congregating to express their discontentment.

I think of the "long time ago" past when I think of cultures that offered human sacrifices to appease their gods. But what if it's is happening now? What if America, who is guilty of genocide (of the Aboriginal people), participating in the African Holocaust (MAAFA) of African people, and dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima during WWII (just to name a few atrocities)—has a treaty (of sorts) with demonic entities where they offer our emotional energy as periodic sacrifices (9/11: fear, COVID-19: fear, unpunished police brutality: anger, etc.) Could this be why the President of the United States is tweeting inciting messages about protesters?

I am angry... don't get me wrong. I am choosing not to act in anger. I am not speaking against any way people are expressing generations of built up frustration. I am neither for nor against the fires and riots that are going on. I am offering, however, that if you are going to be out there standing up for what you believe in, do it soberly-- with resoluteness. It's not about what you do what you do-- it's about the spirit behind what you are doing.

2020 is a powerful year of transition (which is why the world is experiencing all that it is experiencing). And because of this, we cannot be leaking emotionally or energetically unintentionally strengthening entities that mean us no good. If we want to see lasting change for Black people in America, we can't merely react to stimuli. We have to respond—and that distinction includes strategizing and implementing solutions on multiple fronts.

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