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Numbers Don't Lie | What 2022 Means Energetically

Numbers are mathematical symbols that represent values used to count and calculate. But they are so much more than that. Numbers are concepts and abstract ideas that hold deep and profound meaning. Some even say that numbers are the language with which GOD created the universe, and that math was gifted to human beings to better understand GOD’s creation and contribute to the creation as creators. Studying numbers scientifically (Numerology), reveals consistencies in each number (1-9) to such an extent that something akin to a personality can be assigned to them. Whenever and wherever numbers show up, the studies find, so do the energetic traits that follow the number. With that kind of consistency, one is able to predict pretty easily, what will come with the presence of any given number.

This year, just like every other year, is numerologically significant. The year 2022 contains three 2s and has a value of 6 (2+0+2+2=6). What do these two numbers mean numerologically? What will the meaning of the numbers say about the year?

The number 2 represents a nurturing and selfless energy. If you think about the love a mother has for her child, that is the kind of energy that comes with the 2. The 2 energy is very helpful and devoted to meeting the needs of others. It is a number of balance and harmony. There are 1011 twos in this year. That’s a lot of 2 energy!

The number 6 represents love and loyalty. If you can imagine a gorgeous and charming woman who is attractive to everyone she encounters, that’s the kind of energy that comes with the 6. The 6 energy radiant and magnetic and beautiful and feminine.

From what I understand about the energy of the 2 and the 6, this year is going to be the year of the woman! Women bend toward the 2 and 6 energies and are naturally more in tune with them. The fact that they are naturally in sync with the energy of year means that things will be more effortless for them. They are on the same frequency and will attract much of the abundance that this year offers.

This year is also the year of love. You see love the energies of both numbers. Love should be the litmus test by which all decisions are made. And although love never fails, this year love will win big (and publicly). If you are someone who doesn’t express emotions because of past hurts, this is the year for healing. If you categorize yourself as a “hopeless romantic” you won’t be hopeless this year. If you have a collection of love poems you want to publish, this is the year to do so.

This is an important year for people who create. Yes, creation requires both the masculine and feminine energies, but the feminine principle incubates the masculine seeds and magically transforms them into what it will grow to be. When a thing is created in, with and through the force of love—the creation is stronger, endued with more power, more impactful, more long lasting, and ultimately more useful to those for whom the creation was created. This year is so important because the innate energy of the year will separate love from everything else—and love will rise to the top.

Knowing this gives lovers an advantage. However, Enemies of Human Progress are aware of how the energies of this year will flow—and have been working to weaken the proclivity of the majority to gravitate in this direction en masse. Fear, the enemy of love, has been used for the past two years to weaken the resolve of the human race. Many of us have become impatient and disenchanted with all that happening in the world. Our discomfort in the new normal and our desire to return to the old normal has put many of us in positions where we are willing to do anything and give up anything in order to get a sense of normalcy. If we are not careful, we will take whatever has been created for us instead of creating for ourselves. And since we are creators (who have been created in the image of the creator) we will better off if we create solutions for ourselves, in love.

1 John 4:18 teaches, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear”.

Let’s commit to love this year. Love for ourselves, love for each other, love for the Creator and the creation. With love, everybody wins.

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