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On Becoming a Living Soul (Part I)

I bet you’ve been doing some spring cleaning, haven’t you? I also bet that the cleaning you are doing is not limited to your living space, is it? You’ve been cleaning out your body, tooyour mind, and your social circles, right? You have probably had the inclination to get your heart and mind right as well, correct? Though you may not have acted on it, I am willing to bet that many of you can say you’ve had thoughts like these during this quarantine.

But it’s not solely because we have all this time. I assert that these thoughts are not thoughts at all but messages. Something is happening on a planetary level that is affecting us on a spiritual level—a soular level. Different people call it different things: Graduation Day, Judgment Day, the separation of the wheat and the tares, the reunion of the Prodigal son, shifting of the ages, the changing of the guard, the awakening of the sleeping giant, the fall of an empire, and even the resurrection of Christ. No matter what language or story you put behind it, there is much evidence of a reset/ transition happening.

Whether we like it or not, believe in it or not, or say its name or not it or not, this pandemic is ushering in a cleansing energy that is not as pretty as some people are making it sound. Cleaning up involves washing and sweeping and organizing and straightening. But it also involves separating, and rearranging, pulling up and even throwing away.

Earth’s pollution levels have reportedly decreased. Its energy is flowing with less restriction. Its healing and repair are happening with less constriction. As it is with Earth, so it is with us. Or so it should be.

Each of us will be presented with an opportunity to clean ourselves up to match the vibration of the planet—to rid ourselves of the personal toxicity that will allow our personal energy to flow with less restriction and our individual repair and healing to occur with less constriction. This is why we are having the urges to clean—and why we are receiving messages to clean. If you can identify with these inclinations, it’s an indication that your higher senses are reawakening.

Seeking unity at this time, then, shifts drastically to mean reconnecting with that higher, truer, and purer part of ourselves: The All-Knowing Soul. Yes, we have one, but that doesn’t mean that it is inside of us. It’s been above us. In many cases, we mistake it for GOD, the Creator and Source of ALL. We are rising to meet it—to merge with it—just as Earth is rising meet her equivalent.

The thing is, though, that there are standards. The Soul cannot occupy something that is polluted. And this is why we are being shoved to clean. But are we adhering? Or are we ignoring? What happens when we take heed? What happens when we don’t? What exactly does clean mean?

I don’t have all the answers right now. But I will when I become a living soul.

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