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On Becoming a Living Soul (Part II)

The concept of possibly being a dead Soul really intrigues me. It totally changes the connections I have made in the past regarding the Spirit and the Soul. Given that I liken the Spirit to the breath, and the breath to GOD, I concluded that since we have access to it, that we have access to the highest principal of creation… and that if our Spirit is in our body, then so was the Soul. But I am becoming present to the fact that we are just barely breathing. It’s like the Spirit or the breath is so powerful that we can’t hold it… we can’t keep it inside of us lest we kill ourselves. It's fleeting—but always present… it's so essential to life that we keep taking it in; but since it's so powerful, we can’t keep it in. So we let it out; but we need it so much that we take it in again. But it’s so powerful that we can’t keep it in—so we let it out.

You get it.

In a way, we have access to the Spirit, but we don’t yet know the POWER of the Spirit. We can’t fully know such power in these bodies.

I also made the mistake thinking that since we had our minds in our bodies that we also had our Souls in our bodies… In fact, I have had difficulty distinguishing between the mind and the Soul—and to such an extent that I thought they were one and the same. I have recently come to understand that the mind is over-exalted. This misinterpretation became widespread during the Enlightenment/ Age of Reason (“I think, therefore I am” Renee Descartes). In this period, the mind was virtually exalted to a GOD level (which is in most cases has been confused for the Soul).

Don’t get me wrong. The mind has a very important role in our lives on Earth. It utilizes the five senses in order to know the physical world. It breaks everything down and puts it back together again. This is why we experience a delay when dealing with each sense. For instance, you can be getting burned and not even feel it (touch). It takes a moment to determine whether what you taste is sweet, sour, or salty (taste). The process of focusing light using parts of the eye (the cornea, the pupil, the lens, and the retina) is intricate; although it seems to happen faster than the blink of an eye (sight) lol. Sounds waves enter your ear, hit your ear drums and the pitches and frequencies in range become audible (hearing). You smell a fire well after it starts (smell). Everything that deals with the mind is limited by this delay.

Many teach that the mind is ALL. On one level, this is true, as the mind operates in a matrix where it is unlimited. But that matrix is on a different level than the matrix the Soul operates on. This is why during prayer and meditation, for instance, the mind has to be “quieted,” as it can’t access, interpret or handle certain heights. Specific substances can give us access to "unknowable" realms where the Soul functions and operates. We have “mind blowing” experiences and can’t articulate what happened because there are no words to describe or convey it.

The main reason we are having so much difficulty connecting to our Souls and “finding ourselves” is because we are imbalanced and mind-dominate. We think we know ourselves, and in a sense, we do (since the knowing is a function of the mind). I argue, however, that we don’t GNO ourselves (GNO as in gnosis/ Gnosticism). GNOing is a function of the Soul. And the only way the Soul GNOs anything is from experiences. The mind "learns" from breaking down and putting back together (analysis and synthesis/ deconstruction and construction) the Soul "learns" from gathering gems which we obtain when we have an experience and learn a lesson (gems of knowledge/pearls of wisdom).

It is important for me to communicate that the Soul and the mind are not in competition. They actually work together. In fact, the Soul couldn’t have an Earthly experience without the mind. I use a lot of space in Part II of this series, however, to establish a distinction between the two because if we continue to make the common mistake of collapsing them, we will believe we are our minds when the mind (similar to the body) is just a vehicle. The Soul is a higher self; a master. (I am still working on this analogy, but let me know what you think.) If our body was Pinocchio and our mind Geppetto (puppet master), The Soul would be the energy that made Pinocchio a “real boy.”

We are Souls that exist in Spirit. Our Soul has (and should be governing) a heart, a mind and a body. It also has spirit animals and shadow sides and many other components we may uncover as we continue to seek truth.

Believe it or not, there's love triangle in the middle all of this as well; and in Part III of this series, I will explore one of the greatest and most beautiful love stories on the Earth.

This is no small subject. Trying to understand this is no small task and I do not claim to have all the answers. It takes lifetimes to learn the intricate nature of our pure beings. This way what is being revealed to me. I will see more when I become a living Soul.

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