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On Becoming a Living Soul (Part IV) | Symbols and Correlations

One symbol, similar to one picture, speaks more than 1000 words. This being the case, symbols are more powerful than words and hold more truth than words. The energy behind the creation of the symbol, coupled with the energy generated by the generations that consulted the symbol or held it in high esteem, exponentially magnifies the power of the symbol.

In a sense, GOD is a symbol; and because GOD is everywhere (internally and externally) there are an endless number of ways to talk about GOD and a countless number of ways to interpret “GOD’s Words.” If it were any different, GOD wouldn’t be GOD. Western society has limited GOD to standards that apply to humans and minds—standards like consistency and fairness. But if you are afforded an opportunity to peak into higher levels, you will see certain “truths” break down and other “truths” open up. To make this point in my teaching, I often use the example of subtracting large numbers from small numbers. In our foundational education, we are taught that subtracting a larger number from a smaller number is impossible. As we graduate to higher levels of mathematics, however, we learn that it is possible, and the difference is a negative number! (which is a whole new world and an entirely different level).

When our interpretations (or extractions of GOD from physical things) are many, it is an indication that we can see GOD (since GOD exists in everything). It follows naturally, then, that there is are several ways to extract GOD from stories in the Bible-- there are many levels of interpretation to all holy scriptures from all faiths. Depending on the way we individually interpret them will impact, if not determine, how we view the concepts of good, evil, GOD, Devil, Self and others (in the context of how we presently view ourselves).

View the interpretation I am offering below, as neither right nor wrong, but as another-- another way to look at good, evil, GOD, Devil, Self and others. How are your ideas of the above-mentioned concepts expanded by this interpretation? Please share in the comments.

The Greatest Love Story on Earth (Part III of this series) told a story with the following characters (aspects of ourselves) that I have correlated to personalities in the Christian account of creation. All of the "a" categories serve as a full correlation, and should be considered together. The "b" categories should be considered with the "b" categories and with the "a" categories without "bs".

1. GOD: The Soul

a. The Soul is commonly referred to as the higher self. It communicates through the (invisible to the naked eye) umbilical-like cord connecting it to the Heart and mind through whispers (still small voice). It is the “angel” on the shoulder of cartoon characters and the “inner voice” that we hear audibly during spiritual experiences/encounters. Once the mind and heart reconnects with Soul, the result is life and power—hence “living Soul” and “resurrection power after ascension”.

2. Eve: The Heart

a. Eve was said to come from the rib of Adam, but the symbols in that story is not fully understood.*Eve represents the feminine or fluid part of the trinity. The Heart, in its fluidity, is the only component of the human trinity (Heart Mind and Soul) that can travel between the physical and soular planes. This is why emotions are so powerful (which is one of the ways the Soul and Heart communicate). Many times, our emotions are distorted by our minds and attributed as fleeting and transitory energies that should not be respected over reason and logic (tools of the mind). The heart holds the master key (love).

*(I share a future series on Adam and Eve but don’t have time to get in the nitty gritty of in this one). But Adam and Eve were one being containing both the masculine and feminine aspects. Christian philosophy highlights Adam (the masculine) as first, even though Eve (feminine) could have been (more accurately) depicted as first. The “creation of Eve” is really the story of the separation and extraction of the masculine and the feminine. Femininity is connected to the subconscious, emotions, and even the Heart (which all existed before the physical man).

*Also: it is interesting to note that, “heart” and “earth” contain the same letters (anagram). This connection in words emphasizes the connection of fact that the heart has a relationship with the earth, which is from where Adam was created. In my view, this connection is more of a correlation: what the heart is to man is the same thing that the spirit of the Earth is to Earth.

3. Adam: The Body(a)/ The Mind (b)

a. Adam was made from clay. In the creation story, it refers to the house or vessel that would hold the mind and the heart—fueled, of course, by the spirit (or breath of GOD). Adam represents the earthly expression of the Soul (higher self/ GOD) which is why he is said to be created in the image (imagination) of GOD. 

b. Adam is correlative to man, and man is correlated with mind. Adam was given instructions on how to tend to the garden and name all of the animals. 

4. Serpent: (a) The Mind/ (b) The Adversary (devil)

a. Most cultures symbolically regard the snake as wise, regenerative, and even immortal. It is important, in my distinction, to see the serpent as limited to this plane and this planet. Its knowledge and it immortality is connected to EARTH. The serpent holds all knowledge about the Earth (which is why it is easily mistaken for GOD or even the devil). But the serpent is not so-called evil. It is, however, all wise (concerning the earth) and cunning.

b. The Serpent can also represent an adversarial force that tests or mentally and emotionally manipulates the inhabitants of the garden to shift their allegiance from the higher realms (spirituality) to the lower ones (sensuality). 

5. Forbidden Fruit: Ego

a. The Ego (in this variation)* is representative of the forbidden lover and eating of the fruit represents the forbidden union between the Heart and the ego. 

*the serpent could also represent the ego—and the compliance with the serpents suggestions representative of union with ego.

When both Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit, a covenant occurred—a marriage of sorts—an alliance shift. It indicated a disconnection/separation from the Soul and the original agreement (discussed in PART III). It ultimately represents identifying with/ awakening the ego within and identify with it (putting it in place of the Soul’s influence). The union of the Heart, Mind and ego is devastating to the Soul because the Heart and Soul are lovers. But because the Soul GNOs (from gnosis/ commonly interpreted to mean secret or hidden knowledge) beyond knowledge and LOVES beyond life, it continues to pursue the Heart and the Mind (The WE/ The I AM!)… keeping its promise to always be there and communicate.

What is present for you after reading these correlations? What opens up in your thinking about this story? Be one of my conversation partners. Leave a comment sharing what’s coming up for you now, what you are seeing; and how, if at all, you conceptions of the concepts (good, evil GOD, Devil, Self, other) are expanding.

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