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On Becoming a Living Soul (Part III): The Greatest Love Story on Earth

Many of us have heard about soul mates before. In recent years, there has been a rise in conversations about "twin flames." The possibility of two Souls having a bond so magnetic they attract themselves to each other in different lifetimes and in different worlds is fascinating to me. I first was introduced to this concept (as an adult) in the movie, Hancock starring Will Smith. After I got over the idea that the first Black super hero was a drunkard who was in an interracial relationship, I saw the profound and deep idea that Souls can love and that love transcends the human experience. In my personal life, I have longed for a (romantic and platonic) connection like this; but it also may be the reason I am still single (LBS)!

This idea gives rise, however, to the notion that the Soul is more complex than we think or know. The Soul GNOs (beyond knowledge), and the Soul loves (beyond life). And herein lies the greatest love story. It came to me right before Easter. It caused me to put a halt on every project I was working on. I was a debilitating truth that made me reexamine how I looked at and interpreted the Self. I offer this first part to you in hopes that it will expand how we think and how we love and how we connect to ourselves and our concepts of all this god stuff.

Christianity taught me that man is a triune being (three in one: mind, body and spirit). As I learn more and more about myself in this journey to my higher Self, I have adopted the idea that the trinity of man was originally more of a duo (two in one); a marriage of the Heart and Soul. [The Spirit is omitted because The Spirit is omnipresent…literally everywhere and in everything. It was here before the beginning. It will be here after the end. There is no time where Spirit dwells, which is why these phrases are used. Even the Earth would die without the Spirit. It was not given to us or gifted to us… it just IS—because without it nothing would be].

The Heart and Soul love each other in a way I don’t think we can fully understand (since love transcends knowledge and existed before the mind). They experienced life together on other planes, in other dimensions, on other planets, and in other galaxies and universes as this “Cosmic Egg” is the playground for them. In a sense, they are inseparable. This couple came upon the Earth and wanted to have an experience here. But when they decided to make their decent, The Soul could not go because it was just too dense.

They decided to create a faculty that could experience Earth… one that could know and sense the earth. This is how the duo became the trinity: Heart, Soul, and Mind (This is also why we have no “memories” outside of the experiences other than Earth).

The trinity, which I will henceforth refer to as The WE (but will later refer to as the I AM!), is the unity of the invisible aspects of ourselves working in complete harmony. This cooperation yields a rightness and a power that is difficult to articulate. But this kind of unity on earth is what makes men gods (living Souls).

The plan was perfect. The Heart and Mind would descend and occupy a body. The mind would control the Body. The Heart would lead the Mind, and The Soul would govern both from the higher plane through an umbilical-like cord that connected them… to make sure they didn’t get lost.

Overtime, I imagine, this became a game of sorts. Experiencing a plane disconnected, yet connected. It was too easy. They wanted a challenge. And since duality governs this Earth plane, The We created an inner enemy that I call the Mask (but will later call the AM I?) Psychology calls this the Ego/the false self. But in a way, it is really the false soul. This is an arrogant creation that really believes it is the Soul. It mimics the soul, similar to the way artificial intelligence mimics human/real intelligence. But this is the reason it is so convincing.

The mask comes as a result of an emotional scar we get in childhood or youth. And when it surfaces, it does whatever it takes to stay alive and in the light. In its desperation for perpetuation, it lies and deceives and manipulates the Heart and Mind to play its game and consequently pay less attention to the Soul. And we all know what happens. The Mind convinces the Heart to partner with the Mask and abandon the Soul. The Soul is devastated, yet remains connected because it GNOs the power of Love in a way the Mind and the Mask don’t. It still speaks to the Heart. We just have to open the line of communication so The WE (in us/as us) can be ONE again: The Heart, the Soul, and the Mind.

And this is where we are today. Can you hear the whispers of the Soul? Is your Heart open to hear the message of the Soul? The only way the Soul can “live” on earth is through the cord that connects it to the Heart and the Mind—and when The WE become one again…the rightness and power and clarity that will result will be like nothing we’ve experienced in this lifetime.

Reconnect. Become one with yourself. That is what this journey is about. This is the game of life.

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