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On Becoming a Living Soul Part VI | Reconnecting to the Soul

In order to reconnect to the Soul, one has to silence the loud inner voices which have the potential to rule the mind of the one who entertains them too regularly.

The loudest voice we have in our head is the voice of the ego or (The AM I?). In summary the ego is the false self/soul that actually believes it is real. It is mortal and is primarily concerned with carving out identity, establishing legacy, and preserving itself. The ego is an inner coward. It is the insecure and self-doubting aspect of ourselves that keep us stuck in a place of non-movement and inaction and is the reason so many humans suffer from powerlessness.

The ego is loud and aggressive. It is hasty and pushy, logical and sensical, and many times full of justifications. The ego is very convincing—and ultimately convinces us that it is us, and in so thinking we permit it to stay in the governor’s seat.

Pride and fear (insecurity) and criticism and doubt are its fuels. Humility and love action are its enemies/ extinguishers.

Those wanting to reconnect with the soul must first put the ego in its place. Honestly, some of the qualities of the ego are helpful in times when we experience brokenness, lowness, and are in need of extreme repair. Similar to the way the body loses its appetite when it is sick to heal, the ego is responsible for initiating an emotional stillness when we are down. And in that low place, isolation and contemplation become the friends that eventually help us out of the hole. (Sometimes we get too comfortable there, and want to live there—but that’s another post altogether).

In many cases, we have become so disconnected from ourselves that aspects of our personalities of which we are ashamed, from which we hide, or of which we are too afraid to deal with begin to manifest themselves as distinct personalities. In reality, they are all from us and are us, but our insistence on not dealing blinds us to this truth.

This is what one of the deeper messages The Wiz teaches—that the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion are all aspects of Dorothy's personalities (perhaps her shadows) that have been influencing her in her waking life. When she has her inner journey [prompted by the universe (Glinda/ a star)], they appear to her as separate persons and not as parts of herself. But these characters are not separate from her, they ARE her. They are the inner voices that influence her to such an extent that she is unable to hear her soul’s voice--- the voice of God within her.

After she silences them through her humility (which comes from the humiliation of being lost, alone, afraid) action (movement in spite of fear) and love (displayed through her actions), she is able to hear her inner voice.

Something happens when you are humbled through humiliation (which is why the words are so closely related). The ego will make you think you will die when you are humiliated. When humiliation comes and you survive, an awakening occurs. You wake up to the truth that the loud inner voice isn’t as right as it makes itself sound. And when you realize this, you stop listening to the loud voice as often. This is when you begin listening for the softer voice…the quieter persistent voice that doesn’t need validation. This is the voice of the Divine in us. Called by many different names: the voice of God, the inner man, or The Holy Spirit; ultimately this is the voice of the Soul… speaking to our hearts from above. This is a voice we should listen to every time it speaks.

See more of these ideas in Tim Lee's first virtual presentation, No Place Like Home.

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