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On Becoming a Living Soul Part VII | Another Look at Jesus

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the only way for man to return to GOD. But is that only true because Jesus was a real man of history who was born, lived, and died, and returned from the dead?

Stories are powerful. They teach in ways that lectures don’t. This why the griot was the most important person in tribes on The Continent. I hold the opinion that Jesus’ story has power whether he lived or not. And Christians, who traditionally dismiss any teaching or philosophy that does not accept the literal existence of Jesus should be able to appreciate the symbol of Jesus in the same way.

In a past post about the symbolism of Adam and Eve, I introduced the characters of the Greatest Love Story on Earth. I will add Jesus to those correlations as the conclusion of this series.

Consult the picture I drew:

These are just some ideas... some of which haven't been worked out yet, but... you should be able to see that Jesus is the umbilical-like cord that connects the Soul to the Heart and the Mind. Jesus is the bridge between man and his higher self or man and GOD. Jesus is the way we communicate with this higher power (sending and receiving)--and Jesus’ miracles depict the possibilities of what humans will be able to do once the reconnection is established.

The thing is, Christianity today seems to be most concerned with people confessing and professing the literal existence of Jesus and less concerned with using Jesus as inspiration for what we can do when we reconnect. If the latter were true, churches wouldn’t be houses of worshipping God (through Jesus) merely reading scriptures and singing songs each week; they would be literal hospitals for sick souls and healing centers where modern miracles are performed weekly/daily, and school houses where lessons are taught regarding how to reconnect to the higher realms (beyond a prayer of confession).

Let me be clear: there is merit in the way Christianity has been operating in recent years. However, the times are changing—and so must the work and functionality of the church (specific to this post). More generally speaking, these changing times should impact how all spiritual healers and other light workers engage the adversarial forces that intend to hold humanity in bondage.

2020 is a powerful year of transition. It is a powerful year of connection. While some are using the 2020 energy to imprison the masses in a cage of fear and perpetual doubt, uncertainty and insecurity, and sickness and death; let us use that same energy to reconnect to a power that gives life, that sparks a true love within, that can heal all manner of sicknesses, that can cast out evil forces and that can commune with GOD and nature.

Not for the accolades, but because it must be done. The world needs us now more than ever—but not us as we are—us as we were created to be: powerful, living souls, connected to the the Spirit realm and reunited with the Soul. The world needs us as one. The world needs us to be whole: a living Soul.

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