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On GOD and The devil | Answering Tough Questions (part 2)

In the previous post, I took a stab at addressing the first question this young man asked. In this post, I will address the next few questions.

Influencer, Charity Crawford asks Christians some difficult questions.

So GOD knows everything, right?

This question presumes that GOD is a being; but GOD is not a being—GOD is a concept created by humans to understand the source of everything. This is why GOD is invisible and unknowable. This is also why we say that GOD is ALL—literally everything and in everything. To logically consider the all-pervasiveness of GOD is an impossibility because GOD is not logical.

The human mind cannot grasp the beginning of time (which is also a man-created concept) let alone comprehend the Creator of ALL- which existed before time! To that end, GOD doesn’t know. Knowing is a human faculty that we superimpose on all that we study. GOD simply IS. And the isness of GOD is far beyond knowledge. Philosophically speaking, the same way knowledge itself does not know, GOD does not know. But GOD does, in my still formulating opinion, seeks to experience… and created this vast cosmic egg in which we live to experience it all—and in some way, “come into knowledge.” I don’t think that the Source of ALL creation knows the future before it happens or even “allows” things to happen. It’s more of humans being ignorant of GOD’s true characteristics and consequently reducing GOD to human qualities (personification). When I was in college, I think I heard one of my friends say it best, GOD created man in GOD’s own image. Religion is man creating GOD in man’s own image. This is why we are confused.

So then why did he create Lucifer knowing that he would leave heaven with 1/3 of the angels?

a. Lucifer, in a similar way, is a concept. The darkness to the light. The yang to the yin. Equal yet opposite. These opposites must exist in order for this dualistic and binary realm to exist. Conceptually, Lucifer is not GOD’s enemy, but GOD’s opposite. The word “closed” is not evil if the word “open” is good. Down is not bad just because it is the opposite of up. In this way, our concept of GOD (and Lucifer and their relationship to one another) must be challenged. If the devil is the opposite of GOD, then there has to be something higher than what we are (as a mass) perceiving GOD to be because GOD should have no opposites if the equality of opposites is true. I assert that GOD has no equal and that GOD has no equal and opposite [similar to how 5 is on the opposite pole of -5, yet equally distant from 0]. If GOD did have an opposite, then something else had to create GOD since GOD follows the rules of this dualistic world. This is why I use the language The SOURCE and the ALL.

Some days I wonder, could it be that we worship a demigod (like Maui in Moana) instead of The SOURCE or The ALL without knowing?

b. Research on Lucifer will uncover distinctions between the Devil and Lucifer. Lucifer is Latin for light bringer or morning star—and even has astrological connections with the planet Venus (Morning Star). Somewhere in time, they were rolled into one. But there are distinctions. Venus is also connected to Mother Mary and Queen of Heaven (the feminine entity in creation and the reason why Catholicism exalts Mary). I honestly believe we are doing a disservice to our understanding of Lucifer and the possible code that it could represent by coupling Lucifer and the devil together. It is important to dive deep into the symbology in these stories to get to the deeper truths that will set us free.

c. Proverbs 16:18 teaches that pride cometh before a fall (paraphrased). This makes falls seem to be negative in nature. But are they really negative? Falls are a part of life and this planet. There was a fall was before the fall Adam and Eve... Lucifer was banished from Heaven, before Adam was banished from the garden (which is also a place where VENUS dwells). Is this why Christians are so hard on themselves when they fall? Because they liken it to Lucifer and not to GOD? If falls are natural and preparations for resurrection, will Lucifer rise again?

...Makes you think, huh?

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