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Questioning the Nature of Mankind

Do earthworms get cancer?

Can seagulls acquire AIDS?

Do worker bees play tricks on their queens

Just so they can get laid?

Do brown bears get hypertension

Rabbits diabetes?

Will grey squirrels violently kill each other

When eye to eye they don’t see?

Are farm cows perverted?

Will their own children they rape?

Will the cock physically abuse his hen

Because she doesn’t want to eat the cake?

Do mosquitos get abortions?

Do flies complain about shit?

Do goats send their kids to nurse

From a mother elephant’s tit?

Do blades of grass judge each other

Based on how tall they stretch and grow?

Do flowers categorize each other

Based on the colors they predominately show?

Have cities of ants proclaimed world wars

To profit and capitalize?

Do parrots elect politicians

Only trained to repeat lies?

Why is mankind so unlike nature?

And why do they destroy the earth?

Is God really so pleased with them

Or do they over-exaggerate their worth?

Have we, the apple of God’s eye

Been genetically modified?

To such a state of disharmony

That we make Mother Nature cry?

Not even rodents disappoint their mothers

The way that humans do

Not even gnats with brains smaller than dust

Destroy many for the sake of a few

Only lab rats controlled by humans

Overdose on crack cocaine

And the only dogs that kill each other

Of course are human-trained.

I know of no thing in nature

That will eat itself to death

Or willingly ingest poison

Accelerating life’s final breath

Painfully stupid and disappointing

Selfish and stubborn as fuck

The arrogance and ignorance of mankind

Has messed this whole planet up

Religion further divides us

Education dumbs us down

Entertainment stupefies the mind

And keeps it from being sound.

It’s our job to protect this planet

Our women and children from what’s next

To restore balance and bring back order

To reverse this unnatural and evil hex

Now speak a spell of your own

Speak one of power and protection

One that sparks a harmony with your inner self

And causes a kundalini erection

This standing will bring the much needed shift

And with the truth we’ll be able to commune

The fact that mankind is not a man at all

And admitted this from the moon!

Know that is not your equal

Your superior he’s never been

The Earth is yours and the fullness there of,

We did it before

Let’s do it again!


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