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The Chauvin Verdict | My Thoughts about Pacification and Power

In less than 24 hours, a verdict was reached. We held our breath as the judge opened the envelope sealed by the jury. Our heart rates increased a bit as the counts introducing each verdict were read. We collectively exhaled when Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all three counts. Statements were sent out. Reactions were surveyed by local news stations everywhere. "Influencers" aligned their opinion pieces with the script, "not justice but accountability." Protestors packed away their poster boards and magic markers. Rioters put their bricks back outside. A spark of hope was lit within us that, in some ways, matched the flame used to light the many blunts sparked in honor of 4/20 festivities. We will sleep well tonight.

But sleeping well comes as no surprise to me, since so many of us seem to be masters of sleeping. We are sleep to the truth of reality and the corruption of all the systems created to keep this false reality running. We are not only sleep to the truth of our power but sleep to the methods used to lull us to sleep and the reasons we are kept in our coma-like states.

You may understand my viewpoint better if I let you know that I view everything through a lens of power. And for me, this verdict is not an indication of a win for the people. It is not a result of people exerting power and achieving gains from that exertion. It is, instead, the outcome reported after a spell of waiting. More harshly put, it is nothing more than a pacifier to keep the masses from crying and emotionally spewing all over the place. Because that’s what we would have done had the verdict been different… cry tears of hopelessness and powerlessness, right? Or maybe we would have balled up our fists in anger and uploaded a strongly-worded video pointing out the inequities in this racists and patriarchal society; or organized a peaceful demonstration of solidarity and made a week-long statement by replacing our profile pictures on social media with a black square; or engaged in a spiritual meditative practice to help us better cope living in a state of perpetual trauma. Whatever we "would have done", I assert it would have been consistent with how we've been trained and conditioned to react in the face of injustice and heinous acts of terror-- actions that yield little (if any) significant impact to change the condition we claim we are sick of.

Where’s the lie?

But let’s just say, for the sake of the conversation, that there would have been a different response. Let’s say the verdict was different and “we, the people” united in a significant way to demonstrate our collective PEOPLE POWER and dismantled the legal and justice systems that have historically been used to legally kill and disproportionately encage Black and other melanated people. Looking at this scenario through the lens of power, the verdict would have robbed us of the opportunity to express “people power” and consequently shift the hands holding the power (from the unjust systems to the people [where it supposedly currently resides]). The verdict is a play in the game to maintain the status quo.

In this society, money is power. In this society, guns are power. In this society, the gavel is power, politics is power, the media is power. And all powers are used to maintain the systems created to keep up the illusion of power this society masquerades as authentic. It should go without saying, all of the above-mentioned powers are not real sources of power. In spite of this truth, these powers are what the masses in society revere. These are the powers most obey (with little critical thought and even less hesitation); these are also the powers too many strive to obtain. In so doing, a grave error is made. The objects and offices we associate with power are fashioned into idols and are exalted to heights they don’t belong. Our collective sleep state keeps them there. And in this (unconscious) condition, we have a most difficult time identifying the source of real, authentic power. And it is not in worldly authority. Real power originates on the causal plane and in the invisible realm. Real power is in GOD, and in love, and in unity, and in truth. When real power is expressed inauthentic powers are exposed. This is the main reason oppressed people are systematically oppressed to begin with-- to prevent powerful people from realizing the true and authentic power within; power, if unleashed will be uncontrollable.

Because the truth is, people have the power because people can execute justice. We have the power to make things right. We have the power to balance the scales and restore order. And it doesn't take a law degree to do so. We have been programmed, however to be selective with power and leave justice to the system. But we know what that got us in the past, and can even predict where that will get us in the future.

This post was written to put a magnifying glass over our actions and in actions. We act in ways that are powerless either because we don't know we have power, we are ignorant to the extent of our power, we don't know how to use our power, we are afraid of our power, or we are waiting for permission to use our power. No matter the reason, eventually, we are going to step into our fullness and embrace our power; because exacting justice is only a small part of that fullness. If our lives matter as much as we chant that they do, we would show it and all would know it.

I find myself contemplating whether or not justice is a natural occurrence. If crimes were left unaddressed, would karma provide justice over time? Would GOD's judgment repay them for the sins of their crimes? If justice is a natural (or supernatural) occurrence, why have we developed systems in the name of it? While my position needs development, I am clear of the immense power that comes with righting wrongs and executing justice, especially when we expand the concept of justice beyond the courtroom.

I recently came to a verdict of my own. I am no longer going to be guilty of playing the blame game or getting lost pointing to conspiracy theories for reasons to defend nihilistic thinking about the future. Instead, I am the change I want to see in the world. I am awake to the truth and my actions speak louder (and more powerfully) than my words. I invite you to do the same; especially now, as I am convinced that the world is in need of a few good men and women to fight on the side of GO(o)D.

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margret Mead said those words years ago. Let’s work toward being that today. The alarm clock is ringing. Will you press snooze again?

Consider for a moment, as I conclude this post, that I am on to something. Let’s say I am right that lies and deceit (miseducation), intimidation (police brutality), malnutrition (poor health), poverty and distractions (entertainment) have been used to stifle the expression of true "people power". At the end of the day, who/whatever is behind the obstacles to power expression cannot be blamed. GOD did not give systems or money dominion. GOD gave US dominion. Further, the Christian Faith teaches that Jesus gave His disciples (of yesterday and today) real POWER. But as a whole, we are neither exercising our dominion nor using our GOD-given powers.

not be waiting around wondering if justice would be served on a case by case basis. protecting and defending them using any means. have to graduate to greatness and Either way, it isAs I rap up my thoughts, I wonder if, with all our prejudices and biases, we are fair and "blind" enough to do the work of justice at all.

wever, to let other people they can by emains uncertain, what I know for sure is that executers of justice have a tremendous amount of power. They literally hold the power of life and death in their hands. Unfortunately, this power has been abused. So has police power. So has male power. So has white power.

I think this abuse of power is Bill Gates is researching ways to dim the light of the sun with little to no objections from "world powers" or people power. How is it that one man, just because he has money to pay for research and implementation, also has the freedom to make decisions that could literally ruin the world? How is it that one man, just because he has money, can purchase and own the majority of the farmland in America? How is it that one man, just because he has money, also has unchecked license to personally finances research and media campaigns for a rushed and under-tested (ill-named) “vaccine” as a part of his desire to inject humanity with Certificates Of Vaccination IDentification (COVID), and exponentially accelerate the transhuman agenda? Where is "Cancel Culture" when it matters? Who will hold Gates and others accountable for their actions? Will any verdict from any level of courts matter if his experiment goes haywire and he literally changes the world for worse?

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