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The Real Meaning of Resurrection

Resurrection is more than being raised from the dead. A mere “raising from the dead” is better communicated with words like revival, re-enliven, or reanimate. But resurrection is beyond that. Resurrection defined as "revival" reduces the meaning and limits the impact to the surface/ superficial level. But nothing in the Bible is limited to that level of understanding. Unfortunately however, it is this level of understanding where all the confusion stems from and where arguments concerning Christ and Christianity are held.

A higher interpretation of resurrection demands transformation as an inextricable part of the definition – a transformation that comes after passing the tests of life and graduating to another level. Let's look at butterfly as an example of what I mean. It lives out the beginning of its life crawling around as a worm and ends its life flying as high as its wings will take it.

The question I want to pose for consideration is: have caterpillars ALWAYS turned into butterflies?

I received a revelatory transmission the other morning that they have not. Once caterpillars collectively passed the tests Life gave them, they were granted wings as a reward for their graduation. They live as caterpillars, die, and are resurrected as butterflies. They are not the same as they were before died. There was a transformation.

The fact that this is physically observable, serves as a sign of what is possible. You see, all of nature has this ability, even human beings. There have been stages to our development and there are more stages to come. I, for one, believe a graduation is upon us presently (which explains a lot of what’s happening in current global events). And if we collectively pass, the human race will be transformed collectively.

The story of Jesus teaches this, but weak and literal interpretations of scripture cause the aforementioned dissention we experience in the present. Viewing resurrection as transformation will expand our attention beyond the how (proving that it is scientifically possible, etc.); because it’s not about the HOW (it was done), it’s about the THAT (it was done/ can be done). The HOW is gifted to those who are earnest and ready, which is why the most profound teachings of Jesus are prefaced with “let he who has ears to hear, listen.”

In short, the caterpillar did it. Can humanity? If you had a role in the graduation, would you want to know it? Would you play it?

As a collective, how do you think humanity rates in our performance as human beings? Are we on the verge of "getting our wings", or have we let fear get the best of us? Are we going to graduate this time, or have we let greed and envy run rampant in our societies, such that we are chronically divided and always at odds with each other? Have we met all the pre-requisites and requirements for graduation, or have we let gluttony and lust become more dominant in our personality and strivings than love? Are we ready to go to the next level as a whole, or do we still have more battles to win in our inner and outer wars against pride?

On Graduation Day, we will be judged as a whole, not as individuals. And I think we are closer to the decision day than we realize. The closer we get, though, the more our attention seems to redirected to focus on something other than ourselves. If we are not careful, we will invest all of our energy advancing artificial intelligence (AI)/ merging man and machine and not perfecting the most sacred merges of intelligence and matter and spirit (human/ the merge of GOD and man).

On this Resurrection Sunday, let’s reflect less about what physical evidence supports the bodily resurrection of a man named Jesus or whether there are three days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Instead, let’s reflect deeply on the higher meaning of resurrection and how we can glean inspiration from the transformation we observe in the caterpillar every Spring.

Happy Resurrection Sunday. Let’s rise up again (and fly).

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