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Thoughts about Darkness

When I was younger, I used to be afraid of the dark. I remember wanting my mom to leave a light on in the hallway bathroom so that I wouldn’t be scared to go to sleep in pitch blackness.

These days, I understand the value of pitch blackness at night, and have gone to lengths of purchasing curtains that keep out light, and even an eye mask to make sure light doesn’t get in as I drift off to sleep or immediately when I wake up.

You see, I am starting to become more curious about darkness, how important it is to personal balance, and how it relates to spiritual growth and development. After beginning to reread the Bible the other day, I could not get past the second verse of Genesis chapter 1a. “And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” Here are some of my thoughts.

To elaborate on some ideas I don’t think I completely expressed in this video: I am curious about the benefit of the symbolic meaning of darkness connected to not knowing (ignorance). I am not, talking about dark thoughts or dark entities. But what the conscious mind would refer to as ignorance and the hidden KNOWLEDGE we don’t consider from the higher part of ourselves to which we give too little attention.

I have two ways I use the word “know”. And while I understand the distinction in my thinking and communicating, when writing, I use all lowercase letters for one and all capital letters for the other. There is a “knowing” connected to the conscious and thinking mind and there is a “KNOWING” connected to your heart and soul—the higher/ greater parts of you (the true you) which KNOWS KNOWS best and KNOWS all.

So in the video when I mentioned how, ten years ago I was doing and now I see more evidence of me trying, I attribute my doing to me following my heart and listening to the KNOWING my soul which is in many times in conflict with the knowing of my mind. When the unction from the heart/soul came, I moved on it. I didn’t think about if it made sense or not, it I acted on it. I correlate this to acting blindly, in the dark, or in ignorance. This is different from what I’ve noticed in recent years, where I find myself “thinking before I speak”, or thinking before I publicly release something I’ve been working on—counting costs, calculating steps, and trying to predict outcomes.

For me, the power in “not knowing” is the product I create in the end. “Knowing” and wanting to know gets me stuck in a mode of thinking and overthinking where I am just left with a good idea on a piece of paper. Today, I am choosing more and more to explore what has been an unknown space and to trust the higher senses my mind calls ignorance.

FINAL THOUGHT: For me, the magic occurs when I step outside of my comfort zone and follow my gut. I experience power when I follow my heart and listen to my soul. Ultimately, I am elevating my heart and soul on the ladder of authority, and allowing them to lead. As I put my mind in its proper place, I sincerely believe I will ACT in a way that will make a difference and change the world.

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