Next Level Enrichment is an on-line enrichment program that seeks to develop self-awareness, cultivate emotional discipline, and foster mindfulness so participants will be able:

  • to think critically

  • to create powerfully

  • to express confidently

  • to win collectively


a treatment center for the Soul

soulstuff is a collective of a variety of practitioners who, like the doctors for the physical body, specialize in specific areas of soulneed.



Leaping from A to Z

In May of 2019 I declared that I would change my life; that I would apply all of the truths I had learned from everywhere I had learned them... not limiting myself based on religious expectations or affiliations.


What happened was beyond words and this world. The leaps I made were not from A to B. They were from A to Z; they were Quantum! The videos below mark the beginning of my "Quantum Leap Year" journey. 


creative, captivating, educational, and thought provoking entertainment for the entire family.

Be. Do. Make. Change.

good news from the mouths of babes

Students from Next Level Enrichment practice being the change they want to see in the world by sharing good news and spreading a message of hope and joy and love.


increasing membership by building bridges

Consulting with pastors and ministry leaders who are committed to expanding their understanding of Generations Y and Z in order to better reach them.

Tim Lee Concepts

The forerunner of Tim Lee Creations. 

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