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Tim Lee

is a content creator for children. An author, producer, writer, and teacher, Tim Lee has spent the life of his professional career using his gifts to influence emerging generations. He believes that creativity is the seed of all expression and that expression is the key to confidence. Tim Lee Creations uses the performing arts to increase the self-esteem in children and is ultimately purposed to reshape consciousness, transform thinking, and impress upon culture. ​To learn a bit more about Tim Lee, CLICK HERE.


Tim Lee Concepts has produced about three  virtual presentations a year since 2020. Check them all out here. Remember to like, share, and subscribe! 


Tim Lee has written two children's books! Find out more information about them, and where you can purchase them. Get your autographed copy today! 

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View the animations that Tim Lee Concepts has released and learn how you can help us provide more high quality animations for the emerging generations! 


Tim Lee created an online academy dedicated to  training the next generation by developing soft skills and increasing confidence through the performing arts. Check out the team, the work, and the site!


Tim Lee has worked as a minster of children and youth for nearly 20 years. Presently, he works with churches and community organizations to teach morals and biblical principles through virtual story telling using his Tim Lee and Friends platform.


Tim Lee has several platforms to teach adults as well. He is a Soul Coach with Secret Energy, he teaches the art of manifestation through his Quantum Leap Year platform, and writes for his blog, godstuffblog.com.