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shaping the energy of imagination

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Tim Lee Creations

is purposed to produce high quality family entertainment and youth centered educational programming. Tim Lee Creations uses the performing arts to increase the self-esteem in children and is ultimately purposed to reshape consciousness, transform thinking, and impress upon culture. ​


The philosophy of Tim Lee Creations is inspired by the concept of the Imago Dei (Image of God) which supports that creativity is a gift from the Original Creator and connects us to the World of the Divine. Tim Lee Creations seeks to enlighten, encourage and inspire the world through its creations. 

To learn  about Tim Lee, CLICK HERE.


Tim Lee Creations has produced six virtual productions for children and families since 2020. Check them all out here. Remember to like, share, and subscribe! 

Tim Lee & Friends

Tim Lee Creations' YouTube Channel houses its virtual productions and stories for children that teach character, morals, and Biblical principles. 


Tim Lee Creations has published two children's books! Find out more about them and where you can purchase them. Get your autographed copy today! 

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Tim Lee Creations has ventured into the World of Animation! Watch Tim Lee Creation's first animation released in 2021 and learn how you can help us provide more high quality animations in the future!

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