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Making a difference. 

Changing the world.

Isn't it time our media modeled the values we want for our children? 

Founded by author and minister Tim Lee to reshape consciousness, transform thinking, and influence culture, Tim Lee Creations, LLC is a youth-focused content development company that publishes books, produces videos, and develops uplifting and educational resources.

We believe that God created humans with purpose. We value being instruments to help humanity reach its highest potential. 

Uplifting Humanity

We believe in creating high quality entertainment the whole family can enjoy. 

Family Friendly

We believe in putting children first. We consider how every initiative impacts and uplifts the next generation. 

Children First

Our Core Values

The Work We Do

Tim Lee & Friends

Youth and Children's Ministry resources for churches, schools or families that teach character, culture, and Christ.

Project Influence

Non-profit arm committed to training digital natives to become positive creators and consumers social media and AI tools.

Support Our Shop

Resources that enlighten, encourage, and inspire.  All proceeds go to help fund Project Influence.

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