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Tim Lee & Friends

Character. Culture. Christ.

Since 2020, we have been using storytelling, visual aids, and animation to create engaging and informative resources that teach character, culture, and Christ. 

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Tim Lee & Friends Bible Study Resources are fun and engaging  videos that teach character, culture and Christ. Accompanied by downloadable lesson plans and a slide deck, our resources are perfect to be incorporated as virtual drop-ins for moments with children and youth, or used in Bible study, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday School settings! 

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Sample Slide Deck with Video

Two frogs fell into a hole, and while others shouted for them to give up, one frog ignored the negativity, persisted, and successfully climbed out, illustrating the power of positive thinking and perseverance. The story emphasizes not letting discouragement hinder one's pursuit of goals.

Click below to access the sample full side deck and video.

Sample Lesson Plan and Teacher Guide

Perfect to be incorporated in your worship or children/youth church experience, your leaders and youth and children's ministries are able to easily facilitate the lessons in the weekly curriculum offerings.

Components of teacher guide includes: Lesson Scripture, Story Summary, Bible Correlate, Deeper for the Teacher, Student Pages, Answer Pages, Leave Your Mark Reflection Questions, and a Before You Go Activity.

Since 2020, we have been creating content for kids with kids! Take a look at how far we've come! 

Our Virtual Productions


Read inspiring testimonials from pastors on how our offerings have enriched their ministries and congregations. Hear first-hand why this work matters from church leaders.

We use Tim Lee & Friends Resources every Sunday. Our Children's Church director loves how the lesson plans and interactive slide decks make teaching easy and impactful. Most importantly, our children love them and return for more every week! 

Rev. Dr. Darryl Aaron,

Senior Pastor

Providence Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC

Our kids love Rev. Tim's energetic on-screen presence. Even our senior members say Tim's storytelling style makes the messages engaging and easy to absorb... Having ready-to-use material from Tim Lee & Friends has enriched our ministries and brought our congregation closer together."

Rev. Atty. Aaron J. McLeod, Senior Pastor  

Sherman United Methodist Church, Chicago, IL

"Rev. Tim Lee provides cutting edge, culturally relevant, Christ-centered digital content that allows families to gather together to imagine a journey with Christ."

Rev. Will Hall, Senior Pastor 

St. James Community Church, Chicago, IL

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